Electrical Waste

How to dispose of electrical goods in a sensible way has been the concern of the European Community, spawning directives under the banner of WEEE otherwise known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. This is to combat the issue of redundant electrical equipment ending up in land-fill sites or even worse, incinerated. There are modern methods of recycling and disposal which go a long way towards dealing effectively with out of date, unusable or trashed electronic goods.

Get in touch with us for in-depth information which will help you eradicate this problem from your business. Whatever the size of your waste problem we have the best, most efficient ways of collecting and sorting out these hard to deal with problems so that you have no need to worry about what you do with your electrical waste.

We are happy to take off your hands many types of Electrical Waste. Here is a small list :-

  • Computers
  • TV’s and monitors
  • Fridges
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • WEEE & computer recycling
  • IT recycling specialists

BKP have set up an IT recycling transfer station which can dispose of all of your old or ageing laptops, desktops, servers, monitors, storage units, telephone systems and all other kinds of electrical equipment.

For your peace of mind, the complete package can include BKP arranging to collect your old IT equipment and making sure that it is destroyed rather than reused.

If in doubt just make sure that you speak to us first, you will then have all the facts so that you can be fully informed so you know what is the best action to take. Get expert advice today for our latest up to date deals, call us on 0800 376 5004 or e-mail us at sales@bkpgroup.com.

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