Aqueous Waste Treatment

Here at BKP, we have a bespoke site treatment permit supported by specialist equipment to treat a variety of waste streams including Aqueous wastes. We handle and treat a variety of aqueous wastes in bulk or packages such as drums or IBC’s.

We have the ability to remove solids and therefore treat the waste with filtration methods or centrifugation enabling the effluent to be reused and discharged via our wastewater network.


How does it work?

The waste is sampled and analysed to determine the most appropriate treatment method. Solids can be removed with chemical treatment, centrifugation, or dewatering methods. Oils or separate phases are recovered using bespoke treatment techniques.

BKP has a fleet of vehicles designed to transport bulk liquids and other hazardous materials to provide collection services alongside the treatment of your waste.

Are you looking for a more sustainable method to manage your aqueous waste?



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