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Who Are GRG Waste Management?

As part of the GRG Waste Management Group, BKP work alongside a vastly-experienced pool of waste companies with an outreach across the UK and the Channel Islands. Being able to draw on a vast array of expertise and knowledge further allows us to offer our customers an even better service – but who is the GRG Group and how can they provide you with a solution to all of your waste collection, disposal and recycling needs?

GRG is a waste-to-resource management group, headquartered in Guernsey but with operations and partners around the UK (such as BKP). These acquisitions have allowed the group to build a comprehensive service in the transportation, processing and trading of all forms of waste. Each day, they are responsible for tonnes of waste materials that are turned into reusable resources.

The waste streams that GRG and their companies deal with stem from across society; be they from public, commercial or industrial sources. Their customers range from Government institutions to individuals and businesses from all sectors.

They provide infrastructure and services for all forms of solid waste management in large and small economies. As the company has grown from their beginnings in the Channel Islands they have a particularly intimate and unique knowledge of waste solutions for island economies.

GRG's Services In Detail

GRG’s waste management services can be broken into three separate categories:

Efficient transport of waste across road and sea.

GRG’s waste collection and inward processed resource transportation need a variety of logistical solutions. No matter if waste needs to be transported across land or sea, they are able to arrange for compactor vehicles, skips, flatbeds and lorries to be loaded.

Their UK services also include bulk tankering, with a fleet of specialist vehicles and units that are able to transport all types of liquid waste streams. This flexibility provides them with the opportunity to service the needs of all of their customers, no matter how large or small the job at hand is.

When the waste has been processed into its onward recycled or recovered form, they will arrange for its transportation – a practice made all the easier by their network of logistic providers, including road hauliers and shipping brokers.

Waste Processing Solutions

How GRG process the waste they collect will depend on the waste stream itself, as well as its collection method (‘mixed’ or ‘segregated’ waste). Every GRG site has the appropriate waste licences and regulatory approval for every single one of their processing activities.

The waste that they are able to provide processing solutions for include:

  • Dry Recyclables.
  • e-Waste.
  • Hazardous.
  • Industrial Services.
  • Liquid Treatment.
  • Scrap Metal.
  • Tyres.
  • Waste Oil.

High-Quality Trading of Waste-To-Resource

A key aspect of GRG’s service is the quality of processed waste materials that they produce – as it’s this that ensures the materials are able to be used as a new resource (rather than more natural raw materials being used). Their waste-to-resources include; paper,  cardboard, plastics, metals, aggregates, wood, oil, refuse-derived fuel, tyres and computers & electrical equipment.

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