Brexit & The Future Of Waste And Recycling Services

Waste Law In TheUnited Kingdom

A large amount of waste law, legislation and regulations in the United Kingdom originate from the European Union's waste laws. This means that when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, these laws could cease to apply.

The same could be said for all pieces of EU law, however with a piece of legislation known as The Great Repeal Bill, the UK Government wants to transform existing EU legislation into current UK law.

However, after the UK leaves the EU, if the government wanted to change waste regulations, either to make them more lenient or stricter,it would be in their power to do so.

What About Any New EU Laws And Regulations?

The United Kingdom will continue to be a part of the European Union up until the point that it leaves. This means that EU laws and EU regulations that become enforceable before the UK officially leaves will be applied and enforceable in the UK. One such example is the GDPR which protects personal data in the European Union. This piece of legislation will become enforceable in the EU before the UK leaves the Union so it will be enforced in the United Kingdom.

What Has HappenedSince The Brexit Vote?

In June 2016 Vote Leave won with 52% of the vote. Following this Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, as he supported vote Remain.Shortly after this, Theresa May, the new Prime Minister took over and she triggered Article 50. This officially began the process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

However, a few months ago, there was a General Election. The Conservatives were believed to be favourites to win this election, however whilst they did indeed win the most seats, they did not win enough to form a majority government; instead they had to form a minority government.

So now, many people are concerned and confused about Brexit and what effect it will have on our daily lives. Many people are concerned about the economy, the NHS and jobs. However, there is one aspect that is often forgotten about.

What about waste? What effect could Brexit have on waste law and regulations in the United Kingdom?

What Will The FutureHold?

Unfortunately we can't predict the future; however we can hypothesise about possible waste law scenarios that could occur as a result of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

No Brexit
This scenario is what would happen if the UK decided to stop Brexit and remain a member of the EU. With regards to waste management legislation;nothing would change, the UK would be an EU member and as such EU law would apply in the UK.

Full Single Market Access
This is a scenario described by Angus Evers, an expert in waste law which can be found on

If the UK wishes to keep full single market access and becomes an EEA Member, it is highly likely that the UK would have to apply most of the EU's waste management laws.Additionally, the UK would be unable to vote on any new laws, as only EU member states can vote and as such if the UK is outside of the EU; it would be unable to influence legislation.

The Hard Brexit

If the United Kingdom left the EU in a hard Brexit, it would gain control of all its own laws, this would include waste and recycling laws.

If the UK gains control of its own waste management laws,this provides numerous different scenarios with regards to waste legislation,which could have an effect on waste and recycling services.

  • Waste Legislation Becomes Stricter. The UK could take this opportunity to make the laws that govern waste disposal and waste and recycling services more strict.
  • Waste Legislation Becomes Relaxed. The UK government could relax waste management legislation. This could be potentially dangerous as many pieces of waste legislation are very important for the environment and health.
  • Waste Legislation Stays The Same. The UK could however, decide to transfer current EU waste and recycling regulations into UK law. This would mean that the waste standards are the same as the EU.

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