BREXIT! Disaster Or Delight For Waste Management?

Many people are debating the pros and cons of Brexit. Some discuss the possible rewards of a self-governing United Kingdom; however others are concerned about the future of the country with regards to environmental policies and the economy. With that being said, what impact could Brexit have on industrial waste management and waste management legislation?

Industrial Waste Management

Managing and disposing of industrial waste can be very dangerous. As such it is very important that strict health and safety policies are put into place. However with so many laws and regulations affected the United Kingdom coming from Brussels, what will happen after Brexit?

One of the main concerns regarding industrial waste and Brexit is the impact that waste may have on the environment. Industrial waste has the potential to negatively impact the environment and as such it is very important that industrial waste is disposed of in responsible and ethical manner that complies with legislation. However, where does this legislation come from?

Where Does Waste Legislation Come From?

There are many pieces of legislation and many regulations that govern the disposal and management of waste, some of which are.

  • The Waste regulations.
  • Hazardous Waste regulations
  • WEEE regulations.
  • EU Waste Legislation
  • And many more!

A portion of the laws and regulations that govern the disposal and management of waste in the United Kingdom originate from the European Union. In the event that the United Kingdom decides to go down the “hard Brexit" route, the United Kingdom would have to decide what EU laws and regulations will be turned into British law and which laws and regulations would cease to apply.

Some members of the public are excited by this prospect, others are fearful and others are confused. To some, a reduction in regulation could be seen as a removal of 'red tape', making way for great business opportunities. However, some worry that if regulations are removed we could see an increase in environmentally destructive waste disposal practices, such as an increase in the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

However, not everyone is worried about the future of waste management in the United Kingdom after Brexit. Many businesses see the statutory requirements as the minimum requirements and seek to do far better than the minimum requirement. Many members of the public value protecting the environment and as such choose businesses such as BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd who have a strong commitment to the environment. If you would like to read more information regarding our environmental policy you can do so by visiting our policies, insurance and professional certification page.

What Are European Waste Targets?

There are a number of waste targets that the European Union sets for member states. One of the more well known targets is that the EU aims to recycle 75% of packaging waste by 2030. All going to plan, the United Kingdom will be independent in 2030, as the government aims to trigger article 50 sometime during March 2017. This places the approximate date of Brexit sometime around March 2019.

However a target much closer in time is one of the EU's 2020 waste targets, 2020 is less than three years away. In 2020 the European Union has a target of 50% of waste (by weight) being recycled or prepared for re-use from household waste streams.

Curious About Managing Your Industrial Waste After Brexit? What Can You Do?

With regards to the future, we can only make speculations of what the future for the United Kingdom will hold. Until article 50 is triggered and more information regarding the Brexit negotiations are known, all we can do is comply with the current legislation and regulations.

If you are concerned about any changes to legislation that might affect your industrial waste management. One way you can prepare for the future is to manage your industrial waste through a business with lots of experience in waste management. BKP Waste & Recycling has over 50 years of industry experience and has obtained numerous accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation and the British Standards Institution.

  • An ISO 9001:2008 in Quality
  • An ISO 14001:2004 Environmental.
  • A BS OHSAS 18001:2007 in Health and Safety.

What Industrial Waste Management Services Does BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd Offer?

BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd offers a wide range of industrial waste management, waste disposal and cleaning services. These services are performed by trained professionals who strictly adhere to health and safety protocols.

This list is not exhaustive, but here is an example of some of the industrial waste management services that are available from BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd.

Bonded Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a very dangerous material and was banned in the UK in 1999. Exposure to asbestos fibres can put you at risk of various serious medical conditions such as Mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.

Paint Booth Cleansing

In addition to providing a professional cleaning service, our team will also apply a liquid spray coating, forming a protective battier which can be easily peeled off when dry; keeping the booth in top condition.

Chemical Handling And Transfer Services.

Our chemical handling and transfer service includes the identification of the chemical and a full audit. In addition you will be able to gain access to added value services such as drumming, repacking and labelling, all of which are compliant with Hazardous Waste Regulations.

Interested In Industrial Waste Management Services From BKP? Request A Free Quote Today!

BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd is a professional waste disposal and recycling business that provides numerous disposal, management and cleaning services. If you are worried about any possible changes to waste legislation and regulations after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, trust a business with over 50 years of industry experience. Trust BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd.

If you are interested in our industrial waste management services or any of the other waste disposal or cleaning services available from BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd and would like to request a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Our friendly and dedicated team will be able to assist you with your enquiry by providing additional information or by answering any questions you may have about our services.

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