Business, waste and duties of care

BKP Waste & Recycling have the most comprehensive site licence in Hampshire, you will be surprised what they can accept at their Romsey site. And because of this unique licence and its location, BKP work with commercial or industrial customers as well as the domestic market for regular and one-off loads. Be it pallets of hazardous paints, aerosol cans, acids and alkalis or out of date packaged food items, asbestos or WEEE (Waste Electronic and electrical equipment) waste, BKP can help everyone.

As with all hazardous and non-hazardous transfer stations,strict procedures need to be adhered to ensure all loads are supported by the correct documentation and complies with the site permit. Because our staff are all trained, advice is always on hand to guide first time customers through these procedures.

In simple terms, a booking form needs to be completed prior to attending the transfer station as this enables BKP to verify that they can accept the waste into the station and to allow for the quantity involved.

Secondly, if the waste is deemed hazardous, the client has to complete an Environment Agency consignment note which can be downloaded from the internet and has to provide this on arrival before the waste can be tipped.

Once tipped, BKP will provide a signed Duty of Care ticket,a completed copy of the EA consignment note and a payment receipt of applicable which needs to be kept for future reference.

These procedures still apply if BKP are asked to organise the collection of the waste from clients' premises and more times than not, BKP will provide all the documentation as part of their costs. However, the waste producers still have the responsibility for providing detailed information about the wastestreams, to store the waste in the correct containers and in a safe compound and to ensure the correct EWC codes are allocated to the waste.

By using BKP Waste & Recycling for your waste disposal requirements, you can be assured that you are working with a legally compliant company who has your interest at heart. So, whether you are a school or college,involved in manufacturing or engineering, a food production facility, a logistics company, local authority or you are a third-party waste company yourself, BKP will be happy and proud to serve you.

“The job was professionally and safely carried out. BKP came personally to list the waste chemicals in order to give us a correct estimate. The company is well equipped for the job they did"

Whitmore School, London

If you would like to find out more about BKP's hazardous waste collection services, head to their website, or call one of their sales team on 0800 376 5004.

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