Lots Of People And Businesses Recycle But What More Can Be Done?

The power of recycling is fantastic. It allows waste to be disposed of through waste and recycling services and then used as a resource to create something new. Recycling your waste is a fantastic way that you can help the planet, however there is still much more that can be done. Here are 5 things people could do that could help our planet!

  1. The Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme!
    This idea has been circling the news for a while now. Many people are curious as to how a 'Norwegian-Style' bottle deposit scheme could impact recycling in Britain.

    In a report written by Sky, the latest figures regarding Norway's deposit return scheme for plastic drinks bottles shows that “96% are returned by consumers for recycling". With figures like this, it is clear to see why some people are considering the possibility of a similar scheme being introduced in the United Kingdom.

    Additionally, according to the report by Sky, 35.8 million plastic bottles are consumed every day and 16 million of these evade recycling schemes. Also, according to an article by The Guardian, plastic bottles make up approximately 10% of all the litter found within the Thames!
  2. Choose Alternatives To Paper Cups
    Did you know that takeaway coffee cups aren't recyclable?
    A lot of people think that, because the takeaway coffee cups are paper cups, they can be recycled; however the plastic lining that makes the cups waterproof cannot be recycled alongside paper and cardboard recycling.

    With an estimated 2.5bn throwaway coffee cups being used in the UK every year, people are searching for methods that could potentially reduce this form of waste. So what can be done? One method could be to promote the use of biodegradable coffee cups; however another method could be to add a charge to disposable cups, similar to the charge that has been introduced with regards to plastic bags.
  3. Think About Ocean Plastic!
    Ocean plastic pollution is a very serious threat to our planet. As a waste management business that provides waste and recycling services, we understand the importance of the environment.

    Unfortunately there is a lot of litter in the ocean and plastic is very problematic because it is not biodegradable. This plastic litter is also problematic in numerous other ways, for example marine life can get tangled up in the waste or the plastic could be mistaken as food. With the example of sea turtles, they sometimes mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and try to eat them! Often the bag is too large and sadly the turtle suffocates.
  4. Reduce Food Waste
    It is very important that we try to reduce food waste. When in landfill food waste produces methane gas; a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide!

    According to a report, “the Women's Institute is urging supermarkets to do more to help consumers reduce their domestic food waste" The report discusses a can of own-brand sweetcorn from two supermarkets, one advises consumers to eat it within one day of opening whereas the other gives the consumer two days! The report goes on to say that “extending the life of a product by just one day could result in 250,000 tonnes of food waste being avoided"!

Recycle Your Batteries!

Batteries cannot be disposed of through general waste. If disposed of through general waste and domestic waste materials, batteries can potentially cause fires!

However, members of the public can recycle batteries at various public collection points and businesses can dispose of hazardous waste and WEEE waste through the use of specialist waste and recycling services from a professional waste disposal business, such as BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd.

We offer a wide range of waste and recycling services, including but not limited to:
- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Disposal (WEEE Waste)
- Hazardous Waste Disposal
- Site Clearances
- A Variety Of Household Waste Services
- And Many Other Waste Management And Disposal Services.

The Power Of Recycling!

Recycling isfantastic, through the power of recycling materials can be disposed of usingwaste and recycling services and then be used in the manufacturing process tomake new products. For example, plastic drinks bottles can become clothing!

Plastic drinksbottles are usually made out of a type of plastic called PolyethyleneTerephthalate. This type of plastic is also known as PET or PETE, and isrecyclable. This type of plastic can be transformed from used plastic drinksbottles into clothing. After being collected through a recycling service, theplastic bottles are separated by colour and shredded. The shredded plastic isturned into pellets which are then melted into long strings, which are thenturned into fabric and can be used to create clothing.

Many other wonderfulthings can be created through the use of recycling. If you’re interested inwaste and recycling services for your business, please give BKP Waste &Recycling Ltd a call today!

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