What Comprises A CCTV Drainage Survey?

To ensure that your drainage system is working as it should, it’s helpful to be aware of the ongoing health of your pipework. The best way to achieve this is through a CCTV drainage survey – quick, precise and causing minimum disruption, using cameras to survey your drains provides a great cost-effective way to identify any issues.

In this blog, we’re to go through what’s involved in a CCTV survey for your drains; how it works and when/why you may need one.

How A CCTV Drainage Survey Works

Put simply, a CCTV drainage survey works by placing a camera through a local manhole, rodding eye or rodding cap, and pressing it throughout the pipe system to capture live pictures of its inner workings.

During the camera’s journey throughout the drain (which can be performed manually or mechanically), it will keep a record of the overall distance it’s travelled, capturing footage as it goes. If anything of interest is seen by the CCTV operator, the distance will be noted – the camera can also take a still image of the issue, allowing the operator a clear reading of the problem, helping them to formulate the best solution for when repair works need to be carried out.

What Equipment Is Used In CCTV Surveys For Drains?

When a CCTV drain survey is arranged, a waste management specialist will visit the property with several different tools and equipment, which typically includes:

  • Cameras . State-of-the-art waterproof cameras are used to provide live images from underneath flowing water. Thanks to their abilities, they can provide the operator with a clear view of the drain, including areas that would otherwise be difficult to see.

  • Access rods . Extremely flexible, access rods are used to push the camera around the drainage system, helping it to navigate tight corners and turns, obtaining images from every millimetre of the pipe.

  • Crawlers . Remote-controlled crawlers provide quick visual access to the state of the sewer system, providing the operator with great mobility – even in the event of an obstructed pipe.

  • Sonar. Reserved for filled pipes, sonar units provide an insight into the condition of the pipe where visual access is impossible.

What Issues Can A Drain Survey Find?

A CCTV drainage survey is designed to deliver an extensive review – identifying major and minor issues alike. From fatbergs to structural damage – whatever the issue, a camera drain survey will accurately identify and locate it.

Some of the regular issues that a drain survey can identify, include:

  • Blockages.
  • Collapsed drains.
  • Leaking/burst pipes.
  • Corrosion.
  • Tree root infiltration.
  • Animal intrusion.
  • Evidence of poor installation or displacements.

Whilst a CCTV drainage survey has many advantages, its most important role is perhaps allowing property owners to respond to existing issues and to plan ahead to prevent more faults from happening again in the future. This long-term benefit is another reason why choosing camera drain surveyance can be so cost-effective.

Why and When You’ll Need A Drain Survey

Using a drainage survey can provide a vital tool for several situations, such as before the purchase of a new home (for example). Involving a major investment, any potential buyers should be aware of the condition of all aspects of the property they’re interested in – a CCTV drain survey can (literally) provide a clear picture of the state of the drainage system, and whether it needs any repairs.

Any existing homeowners may also need a survey to find the root cause of any ongoing drainage issues – if you’re unsure on why your sinks, toilets or bathrooms aren’t draining water as they should, an investigation into the issue should always be the first place to start. This is much preferable than simply using guesswork – even if you correctly guess the reason behind the drainage issue, there may be other, underlying problems besides. A CCTV survey for your pipes can check that everything else is working properly before any works take place.

If you find yourself in need of a CCTV drainage survey to understand the condition of your plumbing system, why not consider getting in touch with the drain experts here at BKP?

Choose BKP For Professional CCTV Drain Surveys

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