3 Things To Think About During A Waste Emergency

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3 Things To Think About During A Waste Emergency

We understand that emergency waste situations can be very stressful and very scary. After all, with potentially hazardous items of waste needing to be removed quickly; it can get very tense very quickly. So, in the unlikely event you need a BKP Group emergency waste clearance, keep these three things in mind so our team can quickly and safely remove the waste.

  1. What Is The Waste?
    Whilst it is an emergency incident, it’s very important to take note of the waste that has been created, as the waste removal team needs to be prepared with the right equipment to safely and hygienically clean the waste away. For example, if a spillage has caused a large amount of waste paint to need clearing it’s important to remember that paint is hazardous waste and as such requires specialist attention. After all, paint can contain numerous different chemicals, solvents and metals, some of which can potentially harm the environment or health if they are not disposed of in an appropriate manner. Here at BKP Group, we are renowned for our vast portfolio of services, including our paint collection and disposal services, but also services such as chemical handling and transfer, spray booth cleaning, and many other forms of hazardous waste disposal. As such, we’re the ideal choice for hazardous emergency waste services.

    Additionally, it’s also important to consider if the waste is solid or liquid as specialist equipment is required to deal with different types of liquid waste. For example, if you’re in need of an emergency waste solution to remove oil sludge waste, you need the services of a waste management provider that is skilled and equipped to manage difficult materials that contain both liquids and solids. After all, oil sludge, is a mixture of oil, water and solids; this means that it cannot be immediately put to reuse. This is why you need an experienced business that  can provide an oily sludge treatment service to ensure that as much oil and water is recovered as possible, with the amount of unusable waste being sent to landfill being reduced to as low volume as possible. This not only helps to protect the environment but also cuts down on the monetary costs of obtaining raw materials in the first place too.

  2. What Was The Incident? E.G. Spillage, Fly Tipping, Accident?
    When addressing an emergency waste incident, it’s important to note what caused the incident. For example, was there a chemical spillage, did somebody fly tip waste, or was there an accident? For example, with a spillage it’s essential that the liquid waste is quickly dealt with as the waste could easily slip into the environment which could cause significant health and safety risks.

    The illegal dumping of waste is more than just an annoyance. In addition to being a serious crime, it’s also very dangerous to clear away. As the waste has been illegally dumped, the waste itself is unknown and could contain a diverse range of harmful and hazardous materials. For example, hidden inside a bag that had been labelled as waste paper could be sharps or hazardous items such as clinical waste. As such, fly tipped waste must be approached with extreme caution. If waste has been illegally dumped onto your land or property, you should report it to the Environment Agency. However, please note that the Environment Agency has no obligation to remove the illegally dumped waste; as such you may need the assistance of a waste management business. Such as the BKP Group fly tip waste removal service.

    If an accident such as chemical mishandling occurs, it’s of the upmost important that an emergency spill response team is swiftly notified in order to minimise the potential damage. Indeed, not only could mishandling chemicals cause health and safety risks, they could also cause disastrous damage to the environment and any nearby property. The BKP Group team are able to react to any chemical spillage right away, using their skills, experience, specialist tools and vehicles to stop its effects, clear it and take it away for safe disposal.

  3. Are Any Dangers Or Hazards Present?
    It’s also important to note that certain items of waste can be dangerous for a wide variety of different reasons. For example, if a flammable liquid has been spilled, it’s important to check is any open flames or sources of ignition are nearby. For example, if there is an accident and live power lines have been knocked down, this is essential information that needs to be communicated.

Why Should You Choose BKP Group For Your Emergency Spill Response?

It’s very important that you do not downplay the severity of emergency spills. Whilst in some situations, emergency spillages, such as a chemical spill can be handled by members of staff who are on-site and know the correct cleanup techniques, ACS.org writes that “Some laboratory spills require outside assistance because of the spill's size or its unusual hazards.” As such, it is also very important that your staff members do not downplay the risks associated with a potential spill. After all, it is much better to be overly cautious and safe when responding to a spillage than to be hasty and potentially risk lives.

For over 50 years, BKP Group have been providing waste management and waste disposal services to a wide range of clients, including domestic and a diverse selection of businesses from various different industries. We have been known for many years for our expertise in managing hazardous and liquid wastes, making us ideally suited for your emergency spill response needs.

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