Chemical Spill Response What Should You Do?

In a chemical emergency and need a Chemical Spill Response and waste clearance solution? Call BKP Group Emergency Hotline facility on 0800 376 5004.

Our team of specialists work fast to deliver a professional and proportional response; responding as soon as you need us in order to minimise the environmental damage. Regardless of the issue, no matter if you’re operating a residential, commercial, or industrial location, our emergency response team have the experience and skills you need and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What Should You Do In The Event Of A Chemical Spill?

In the event of a chemical spill, it’s important to stay calm and follow the appropriate guidelines regarding the chemical in question.

Determine If It Is An Emergency Situation

When a chemical spill occurs, it’s important to identify if the situation is an emergency or not. In some circumstances, a chemical spill requires only minor action to cleanup. However, please note that is it very important that you do not downplay the severity of emergency spills. It is much better to be overly cautious and safe when responding to an emergency chemical spill than to be hasty and potentially risk lives.

In A Non-Emergency Situation...

Whilst good practice will help to significantly reduce the likelihood of a chemical spill, unfortunately accidents happen. However, in non-emergency situations a spill can be handled in an appropriate and measured manner by members of staff who are on-site, such as the laboratory workers themselves. After all, being present where and when the spill takes place provide them with a significant advantage with regards to response time. Additionally, it’s also worthwhile to note that laboratory workers who unfortunately suffer a spillage whilst using sulphuric acid will be aware of how to deal with minor spills. For example, neutralizing the acid by pouring a generous amount of baking soda of the acid spill, and a good few centimetres around the spill area.

Additionally, once the minor spillage has been cleaned up, it’s very important that the contaminated waste generated from the cleanup is disposed of in a manner that complies with all relevant waste legislation, such as the
hazardous waste regulations.

In The Event Of An Emergency Chemical Spill

Whilst you’re minor spillage incident can be handled by trained personnel on-site, it’s always important to be prepared in the event of a chemical spill emergency. After all, chemicals are very diverse and it’s essential that anyone responding to the spillage does so in an appropriate and measured manner. Mishandling chemical spills can cause health and safety risks, they could also cause disastrous damage to the environment and any nearby property. So if there’s an emergency chemical incident, it’s of the upmost important that an emergency spill response team is swiftly notified in order to minimise the potential damage. The BKP Group team are able to react to any chemical spillage right away, using their skills, experience, specialist tools and vehicles to stop its effects, clear it and take it away for safe disposal.

Take Note Of Any Additional Hazards Present

When alerting your chosen chemical spill response team, it’s also important that you take note of any additional hazards present at the site. For example, whilst the chemical spill in question is indeed a major risk for health and safety and environmental concerns, don’t neglect additiona information. For example, if the chemical spilled is flammable, take note of any open flames or sources of ignition and inform the waste clearance company, this could include any live power lines that have been knocked down.

What Makes BKP Group The Ideal Choice For Emergency Response Services?

Chemicals are by their very nature extremely diverse, after all chemicals are any substance consisting of matter, which includes liquids, solids, and gasses; which includes both pure substances such as the elements oxygen or nitrogen, or mixtures (also known as solutions or compounds) such as the gas carbon dioxide or the liquid water. This necessitates a chemical response team that is equipped to deal with a diverse range of emergency situations, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for chemical waste disposal. Each chemical or solution/compound must be disposed of in the manner best suited to the chemical in question.

For over 50 years, BKP Group have been providing waste management and waste disposal services to a wide range of clients, including domestic and a diverse selection of businesses from various different industries. We have been known for many years for our expertise in managing hazardous and liquid wastes, making us ideally suited for your emergency Chemical spill and waste management needs.

For More Information Or To Make An Enquiry, Give Our Team A Call

If you would like to speak to a member of staff, you can talk to us by calling 0800 376 5004, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. However, if you’re in need of emergency assistance with a chemical spill response, please remember that our Emergency Hotline facility is available 24/7/365.

Alternatively, you could contact our team online using one of the following methods.

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