The Environmental Bill, What Does It Mean For Waste Management?

As a professional provider of Waste Management Services, it’s essential that we keep up to date on any and all relevant changes to legislation to ensure that our clients maintain full regulatory compliance with environmental and waste management legislation.

So if you’re concerned how the newly proposed The Environment Bill will affect your business’ waste management practices, the BKP Group team will be happy to provide assistance, and recommend appropriate waste disposal and recycling services to ensure that your business is fully compliant with the new legislation.

Environmental Responsibility In A Post-Brexit Britain

In previous years the community was confused and concerned regarding the possible outcomes for waste management in a post-Brexit Britain; however with the uncertainty surrounding our nation’s future after leaving the European Union, it was difficult to make any accurate predictions other than, “we don’t know”.

However, that has changed. At the end of January this year we left the European Union and began the transition period and also at the end of January, The Environment Bill was given an automatic first reading, addressing many concerns those had for the country’s green future after the EU.

In its current state, this bill provides new powers to stop the export of plastic waste to developing countries; instead it will remain inside the UK and be recycled here. This is intended to prevent the waste from being pushed “out of sight; out of mind”, and instead be tackled responsibly here in the UK, which will provide a boost our own domestic recycling systems.

Additionally, in order to address the concerns that with the UK able to set its own environmental policies, including the option to relax regulations; the revised bill also includes a commitment to review international environmental legislation every two years. This will ensure that parliament and the government fully consider the latest information in the world of environmental science and adapt policy and regulations so that they are in-line with any and all new information.

The Bill also calls for the establishment of an independent office in order to investigate complaints, scrutinise the law, and hold public authorities to account for any breach of these strict standards. This independent office will be known as the OEP (Office for Environmental Protection) and it will ensure that the government makes good on its commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

What Does The Environmental Bill Mean For Waste Management?

With regards to waste management, the Bill will grant more powers to assist in the effective tackling of waste crime. As a waste management company that provides fly tipping clearance services, we know all too well the damaging effects of irresponsible and illegal waste disposal.

With regards to the commercial disposal of waste, the Bill says the following; recyclable relevant waste must be collected separately from other relevant waste, and it must be collected for recycling or composting. This rule has two exceptions however, either if collecting it separately would have no environmental benefit, or if it is not technically or economically practicable to collect the waste streams separately.

Ensure That Your Business Maintains Regulatory Compliance

With environmental legislation set to change, it’s very important that your business ensures that it maintains full compliance with the law, as penalties for non-compliance can be very severe. As such, we highly recommend disposing of your commercial waste through a specialised commercial waste disposal system provided by a fully licensed and registered waste management business.

Our team of technicians are fully qualified and are regularly trained to meet the latest safety and quality standards. All members of staff are equipped with the correct tools and protective equipment to do their job in a safe working environment. We understand the importance of strict health and safety policies, after all waste management and disposal services have the potential to be dangerous to both health & safety, and the environment. We understand the risks associated with providing these services; as such we take the appropriate steps to manage the risks involved; treating the statutory health and safety requirements as the minimal standard.

Here at BKP Group, we are renowned for our vast portfolio of services, including various forms of hazardous waste disposal. This includes many dangerous and harmful waste items such as Asbestos, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Disposal (WEEE Waste), chemical waste disposal, liquid waste services, and microbead disposal. In addition to being registered as a Carrier, Broker, Dealer – Upper Tier and having various accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation including quality, environmental, and health and safety; we also have over five decades of experience.

So if your business is in need of a commercial waste management solution, call BKP Group. Our team are fully equipped with the skills, tools, equipment, and experience that they need to provide a wide range of waste management and disposal services including hazardous and non-hazardous wastes for our commercial clients.

For More Information Or To Make An Enquiry, Give Our Team A Call

Founded in 1964 and driven by a dedicated team from our Romsey transfer station, BKP Group utilise latest technologies and recognised strategies to provide sustainable solutions in waste management. So if you’re in need the services of a talented and experienced waste management business we’re the ideal choice for businesses in the South East England region. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of waste management experts if you have any questions or if you would like to make an enquiry.

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