Choosing The Right Site Clearance Provider

There are many reasons why a business may need to undertake a site clearance but what should you look for when searching for a waste management business to provide effective and legally compliant waste solutions for site clearances? 

Firstly, What’s A Site Clearance?

Typically speaking a site clearance involves a wide range of different clearance activities. This could range from removing machinery or equipment, disposing of waste left on-site, clearing away vegetation and soil, or even preparing the ground for construction or demolition activities.

What Should You Look For In A Site Clearance Provider?

When searching for a site clearance provider, it’s important to consider the following 5 things.

  1. Do You Require An Emergency Site Clearance?
    Some situations require emergency attention from site clearance personnel. According to information from the UK Government, some circumstances which may cause a site clearance to become necessary include: “a fire, explosion, flood, earthquake or an event causing structural collapse (whether naturally occurring or the result of a malicious attack).”

    In emergency situations, it’s essential that the personnel involved are fully trained, qualified, and equipped. It is of upmost importance that the clearance is practiced with extreme care and caution, in order to return the site to its former condition or a condition described as “new normal”.

  2. Check If The Provider Has Experience Working In Your Industry
    Different industries produce different types of waste so it’s important that you make sure that the site clearance provider you choose is fully equipped to handle all of the waste materials that will need to be collected. For example, in the construction and demolition industry, before any construction can commence, it is essential that a thorough and reliable site clearance service is carried out, to ensure that the working environment is safe and secure for construction to take place.

  3. Do Their Environmental Policies Match Your Business’ Ethos?
    The environment is precious and it is important to take steps to protect it. Climate change has very serious effects on the planet that we live on. It is important that people take steps to reduce the impact we have on our planet.

    Waste management and site clearance companies have the potential to negatively affect the environment through the disposal of the waste they collect. As such, it’s of upmost importance that you fully understand how the waste collected from your site clearance will be disposed of.

  4. Does The Clearance Require The Removal Of Any Specialist Wastes?
    Site clearances
    come in all shapes and sizes, containing various different types of waste; this can sometimes include dangerous and harmful wastes. For example, a demolition project on a building which contains asbestos will need to have the asbestos carefully removed in order to protect the wellbeing of all those working on the project. Asbestos fibres are extremely small, so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Once inhaled due to their small size, they remain in the lungs causing health problems over time. This includes very serious health conditions like mesothelioma which according to the NHS, there are around 2,500 deaths every year as a result of mesothelioma. As the fibres cannot be seen, there is no way of knowing if you are at risk of inhaling them. As such, serious steps need to be taken in order to reduce the risk of asbestos fibres being inhaled whilst the material is removed. This includes wearing mask and protective pieces of clothing.

    Asbestos is just one example of one  type of hazardous waste, so before you hire any team it is essential that you ensure that the business chosen to provide site clearance is fully prepared with all the required equipment in order to safely and responsibly clear the waste materials.

  5. Ensure They Are A Registered Waste Business
    When choosing a business for any waste management service, it’s crucial that you ensure that they are a registered waste business. Any business that generates waste has a responsibility for its disposal. So make sure that any business handling your waste is fully licensed and registered to do so.

    Fortunately it is very easy and quick to check if a business is registered to handle waste. All you have to do is visit the environment agency’s website and search for the name of the business, after entering their name and searching, it should inform you if the business is licensed or not. For example, when you search for BKP Group, you’ll find that we are registered as a Carrier, Broker, Dealer – Upper Tier.

Site Clearances From BKP Group

BKP Group can provide a diverse selection of waste management solutions, including site clearances, in addition to more specialised services such as asbestos removal, and emergency spill response for both oil and chemical spills. We have over 50 years of industry experience and have worked with clients from a wide variety of industries and individuals.

Our team of technicians are fully qualified and are regularly trained to meet the latest safety and quality standards. We recognise the importance of certification from external auditors and understand how they are a key component with regards to providing our clients with peace of mind. So, thanks to our various accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation including quality, environmental, and health and safety, you can rest assured that our team of experts will manage your waste responsibly and ethically.

For More Information Or To Make An Enquiry, Please Give Our Team A Call

If you have any questions our friendly and dedicated team of waste management experts will be happy to assist you. To make an enquiry or to request a quote, you can speak to a member of staff by calling 0800 376 5004, our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Alternatively, you could contact our team online using one of the following methods.

  • You can send our team an email at
  • You can fill out our contact form and a member of staff will respond as soon as possible.
  • Or you could reach out on Twitter or Facebook @GroupBKP.
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