Five Great Benefits of A CCTV Drainage Survey

If you find that your drainage system may be suffering from any problems or blockages, undertaking a CCTV drainage survey is the best way to diagnose the precise nature of the issue. Through the use of a remote-controlled camera, a drain specialist will be able to understand where the problem has occurred and as a result, how best to treat it.

In this blog, we’re going to delve deeper into how this type of drain survey works – and the benefits, beyond identifying the issue, it can provide.

How A CCTV Drainage Survey Works

Essentially, a CCTV drain survey is undertaken by accessing the local manhole, rodding eye or rodding cap and a camera is pressed throughout the pipe system to provide live pictures of the interior workings. Dependent on the size of the drain/sewer, the size of the CCTV system used will vary, as will the necessary lighting required to ensure the capture of a clear and sharp image.

As the camera moves through the system (by either manual or mechanical means), it will record the overall distance travelled into metres, obtaining the footage as it goes. If any defects are found, the camera is able to capture JPEG (still) images to give a reading of its precise position within the drain – this allows for any remedial and repair works to be pinpointed, quickly and easily.

The Benefits of Using A CCTV Drainage Survey

There are numerous benefits in using CCTV over other manual methods to identify issues within your drains. The best of which include:

  • Quick investigation. When you recognise that there may be a problem with your drains, you would want it to be fixed as soon as possible. If you also consider the knock-on effects that drain blockages will have on the home (lack of clean running water, bad odours, structural damage to the building, etc) then it’s simply vital to get the problem fixed quickly. A CCTV drainage survey can provide a quick investigation that gives a plumbing professional the information to get to work and provide a fix.

  • Precise diagnosis. Thanks to having the ability to quickly access information about the issue, the drain treatment professional will be able to accurately identify the precise nature of the problem. This allows them the means to devise an effective solution, rather than rushing into an assumption based on limited evidence. A good example of this is when a tree root blocks the drain – the CCTV will be able to see it and feedback the information, rather than it being assumed it’s another type of blockage that can be flushed through the use of chemical cleaner (it cannot and therefore, will provide a more time-consuming and costly process).

  • Cost-effective. Prolonged services will cost more; time is money, after all. So any prolonged job or repeat visits will end up being extremely expensive – as CCTV drain surveys can be conducted quickly, the time taken up will be much less than other types of drain treatment methods; providing much better value for money.
  • Minor disruption. Not only does CCTV drain surveys save time and money, they also keep disruption to a minimum too. As the camera does all the work in locating and identifying the problem, all the drain professional has to do is operate the camera and then carry out the treatment. This is much more preferable for the homeowner (and the plumber, themselves), than the undertaking of a large-scale excavation to find the problem.
  • Help for potential homeowners. Purchasing a new home is undoubtedly a process that needs to be managed carefully; you would want to ensure that your decision on bidding has been based on sound information. So for any potential property owners, a CCTV drainage survey is great to carry out as part of an extensive assessment of the property. It can turn what would otherwise be a long, drawn-out process, into a quick, cost-effect survey.

If you find yourself in need of a drainage survey to understand the condition of your drains or to investigate any issues, why not consider getting in touch with the professional CCTV drain experts here BKP today?

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