GRG Group Acquires Greenway Environmental

In order to deliver a more concentrated waste management service, BKP will be working alongside the GRG Group to serve the waste disposal and recycling needs of customers across the UK.

As a group of companies that specialise in the recycling and recovery of waste, GRG are constantly looking for new opportunities to diversify the services they are able to offer. This is why they have recently acquired Greenway Environmental to expand their reach in the North West and Midlands of England.

Being a market leader in the collection, processing and disposal of hazardous waste, Greenway offers GRG the opportunity to serve a wider range of customers than ever before. Their customers include blue-chip companies, SMEs and other waste operators.

BKP, GRG and Greenway Environmental: A Leading UK Waste Management Team

Greenway’s specialist services provide laboratory and technical consultations to help customers dispose of all types of hazardous waste. More recently, the company has rolled out their ‘Total Waste Management’ (TWM) division that deals with other forms of general waste.

The company’s wide range of disposal outlets across the UK (and internationally) ensures that they are able to provide their customers with a complete service for all of their waste. As a result of this, they have been revered for their quick and efficient service, as well as their first-class customer service and value for money. These are all aspects that made them an attractive proposition for GRG.

Commentating on the acquisition, Michael Grime, Managing Director of GRG, said, “Greenway Environmental sets the standard for hazardous waste in the UK. Adding their expertise to our other waste services provides our customers with value-added solutions for their waste. We’re excited to develop these services across the UK with our talented team.”

Combined with BKP’s leading waste management service in the South West, GRG’s acquisition of Greenway Environmental will allow them to offer a national service in the collection and treatment of hazardous waste, liquid treatment and logistics, industrial services and Total Management of Waste.

So, whether you require a reliable waste collection service, you’re an industrial facility that requires the cleaning of tanks or you’re a property owner who needs a drainage, CCTV and jetting service, as part of the GRG Group, we at BKP can serve all of your requirements. Why not consider getting in touch with our team today to learn more?

Get In Touch With BKP For Quick, Efficient Waste Disposal

Regardless of your waste management needs, you can feel rest assured that we are able to help to suitably collect, treat, dispose or recycle your refuse. Alongside our vast experience in the waste industry and our constant innovative outlook, our work as part of the GRG Group allows us increase our capabilities, further supporting our combined mission to reduce the impact of waste in general on the environment.

To learn more about our services, give our team a call on 0800 376 5004. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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