Need skip hire in Southampton? Here are some things to think about first...

Whether it’s in the home or business, waste can build up extremely quickly. Not only does it provide an environmental hazard, but keeping waste on your property for too long will leave it liable to create physical hazards too. The best way to start the clearance of a floor, a room, a whole property, is by having a receptacle to place in all of the waste – this is why the hiring of a skip is so popular.

As a leading provider of skip hire in Southampton here at BKP, we are constantly fielding questions about the many different facets behind the whole process. So in this blog, we’ve put together some things to think about, before you go ahead and hire a skip for your job.

Skip Hire In Southampton – Things To Think About Beforehand

The size of skip you’ll need

Before you go and make your order, you should give some consideration to what size of container you need for your job. It isn’t uncommon for people to hire skips that are too small – this leads to people having to hire another container for the rest of their waste, driving the cost up even more. There have also been instances of people hiring skips that are too big – getting less value out of their hire than what they would have done with a smaller one. So how to know which size is right for you?

For jobs that involve a clear-out of one-or-two domestic rooms or a small office, a Builder’s skip (6 or 8 yards in size) will be ideal. These containers have a capacity for around 50-60 standard bin bags and can also be used to dispose of 8 tonnes of soil, rubble or any other builder’s waste (hence the name). It should be noted that skips over 8 yards in size CANNOT be used to dispose of soil, rubble or any other heavy builder’s waste.

If the job involves a complete clear-out of a large office, house, garage or garden, a 12/14-yard Maxi skip has space for around 100-140 standard bin bags.

Skip hire in Southampton can also be used for large industrial and commercial firms too – ‘RORO’s’ (Roll-on, Roll, off containers) up to 40-yards in size can be used to dispose of large waste streams. With a capacity that equates to approximately 200-360 standard bin bags, a RORO can be a massive help in the clear-out process of a factory or store (for example).

Is a skip permit required?

Having a space prepared for the skip on delivery will reduce delays and additional costs – but there are certain conditions as to where it can be placed. If there isn’t enough space outside of the property, requiring the skip to be placed on a public highway or grass verge, a skip permit will need to be sought from the local council as permission. However, if there is a driveway or front garden at the property that is large enough to cater for a skip, then a permit will not be required.

How much will a skip permit cost?

The price of a skip permit varies between councils – for skip hire in Southampton, the local council (as of 2019) charges £26.50 per week, whilst RORO’s cost £106 for the first week of hire, with an additional weekly extension fee of £26.50. (It should be noted that Southampton City Council states that only registered skip operators are permitted to apply for a permit).

When do you need your skip hire?

Organising your skip hire in advance is the best way to ensure the lowest price possible – however, if you need your skip for as soon as possible, there are plenty of options available from providers, including same-day or next-day delivery.

How long do you need the skip for?

The length of time you can hire a skip for will depend on the company, the permit conditions (set by the council) and how quickly the skip is filled. This is why booking a skip in advance is the best method – not only can you save money on the hire, you can set aside time to organise and move all of your waste in a much quicker, easier manner.

Have you got any hazardous waste that needs disposing of?

In a clear-out of most domestic and commercial properties, it’s likely that you’ll have ‘restricted‘ items that cannot be placed in a general waste skip. Restricted items contain hazardous materials and will need to be set aside to be picked up and dismantled in a specialist manner. Commonly restricted items include electrical goods, fridge/freezers, batteries, lighting equipment, etc. Any hazardous items placed in a general waste skip will result in additional charges to sort and dispose of the waste – any reputable waste management company is able to offer a hazardous waste pick-up, in addition to the skip hire, to save you on costs.

So those were the things that you need to know about hiring a skip for your domestic, commercial or industrial waste. If you’re interested in skip hire in Southampton (or anywhere in the UK, in fact) why not consider the expert service here at BKP?

BKP: Waste Management Solutions Across The South East

As we’re based in Romsey, the BKP team can deliver skip hire services across Hampshire and throughout South East England. However, being part of the GRG group of waste management companies, we can arrange skip hire for you, no matter where you may be located in the UK – our fellow GRG associates comprise the length and breadth of the country.

No matter your particular requirements or situation, our team can help you to arrange for the quick and easy hire of the most suitable skip. Not only do we arrange for skip hire permits on your behalf (if needed), our additional hazardous waste service can collect, recycle and dispose of any restricted items that you cannot place into your skip too.

If you would like to learn more about skip hire in Southampton, then you can get in touch with us by calling 0800 376
(office opening days and times are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm).Alternatively, you can send an e-mail enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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