The Competition To Boost Plastic Recycling

It’s no secret that our planet is in serious danger due to the impacts of global warming and pollution, as such it’s more important than ever that we all look for ways to improve our eco-friendliness and reduce the impact that our actions have on the environment. Here at BKP Group, we can provide a wide range of Recycling services for both businesses and homeowners, so if you’re looking for commercial or domestic recycling solutions, give our team a call on 0800 376 5004 and learn more about how our team of specialists can improve your environmental friendliness.

The Competition To Boost Plastic Recycling

In order to demonstrate solutions to create a more circular economy for plastic packaging, Innovate UK (which is part of UK Research and Innovation) will invest up to £36 million from the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Programme. This funding will be provided in 3 rounds, including one invitation-only competition; however in order to be accepted projects must also include significant industry investment.

Projects can discuss materials, design, technology, or business models. However, they must clearly explain how it would reduce the UK plastic packaging system’s overall environmental impact, whilst also showing how the project supports the objectives of the Pact and delivers systemic change.

In order to be eligible for this competition, your business must be eligible to receive state aid at the time, all projects must be collaborative, and the project’s total eligible costs must be between £2 million and £48 million. Additionally, the project can last between 12 and 36 months but it must start by 1 April 2021 and end by 31 March 2024. However please note that these are not the only limitations regarding what businesses are eligible for this competition. More information and rules regarding what businesses can join and what can lead projects for this competition can be found on the website. ISCF smart sustainable plastic packaging: demonstrator projects, round 1.

Current Plastic Recycling, What Can Be Done?

Whilst the above discussed project is looking at new ways which plastic waste can be reduced and plastic recycling can be increased, it’s very important that businesses and individuals make full use of available technologies in order to maximise their current recycling. After all, the best time to make a difference is right now; the phrase “one person’s trash is another’s gold” is perfectly embodied through recycling, especially though recycling plastics. By recycling your waste, you’re not just helping to reduce your impact on the planet, you’re also providing others with more sustainably sourced materials; it’s much better to use resources made from recycled products than to use the virgin resource straight from the Earth.

There are many different types of plastics, however two of the most commonly used and are the two recyclable plastics, High-density polyethylene and Polyethylene terephthalate. Polyethylene terephthalate is often identified with a recyclable symbol and the number 1 in the centre. This can also be accompanied with an abbreviated form of the polymer’s name, which is either PET or PETE. PETE can is often used for plastic drinks bottles, however it can be used for a diverse range of different uses. For example, it can be used in packaging, cosmetic containers, household products, and even used as a fabric to make clothing.

The other plastic mention is HDPE (High-density polyethylene) this plastic as its name suggests is both lightweight and strong, which is why it is often used to make milk bottles. Similar to PETE, it can be identified with a recyclable symbol with a number 2 in the centre o the symbol. HDPE is an extremely versatile plastic, due to its lightweight and strong properties; this means that your plastic milk bottles could be recycled plastic furniture, plastic lumber, or even plastic automobile parts.

How Can BKP Group Help You To Recycle More?

BKP Group can provide waste management recycling services for a wide variety of different waste streams. So whether you have wood, cardboard, plastics, metal, construction waste, soils & rubble, or green waste to dispose of, BKP Group have the experience and the best possible recycling routes for all these waste streams.

Thanks to our strategic location in Hampshire, we’re ideally located to serve any commercial or domestic location throughout the South East of England. We’ve been in the region for over 50 years now, so we have plenty of experience. Our competitively priced services are available for both one-off waste collection services and regular management solutions.

If you would like to learn more information about recycling or the environment, we recommend visiting our blog and reading “How Can You Improve Your Food Waste Management?” it discusses things such as the impacts of climate change, different recycling solutions for food waste, and has lots of interesting facts. For example, did you know that methane gas which is produced when food waste rots in landfill is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat trapping gas?

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