What Waste Management Services Are Saying About The Future of Waste

The start of a new decade provides many industries with the ideal opportunity to look ahead to the future and see what changes can be made to improve things – waste management services are no different.

As technology and legislation is constantly changing, the team here at BKP are frequently looking at innovations and the latest trends to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. So as we’re now in 2020, we’re looking to drive a positive change in our industry – here, we present some of the biggest changes that are set to happen in waste within the next decade.

How Waste Management Services Will Change In The Next Decade

Changes In Waste Technology

With technology in general rapidly changing, it’s no real surprise to learn that devices used to deal with waste will be the main focus throughout the next decade and beyond.

One of the main innovations that we can look forward to is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to divide waste, separating recyclable materials. This will help to provide an efficient and reliable waste management process, helping to recover more recyclable materials, cut down on landfill and, eventually, to reduce costs too.

Another thing to look forward to, will be the development of methods that can turn unrecyclable waste into valuable resources – such as making compost and fuel from cooking oil.

The Establishment of a Circular Economy

The history of waste management services has been built on a linear waste model; this is where the lifecycle of the product starts with its creation, followed by its usage and ending with its disposal. From an environmental standpoint, this method is harmful (and somewhat outdated and unsustainable).

Instead, a circular economy looks at reusing the materials used to create a product to cut down (and hopefully, before long, eliminate) the waste that is placed into landfill. Rather than burying or burning the waste, it will be processed and turned into valuable resources that are returned to manufacturers to create new products.

Previously, waste disposal was placed at the very end of the process, but to establish a circular economy, it will need to be thought of during the first stage of a product’s lifecycle. Linear means a straight line with a start and end point, a circle is never ending. By thinking today about how the materials used to create a product can be repurposed, it will ensure that we will be able to rely on having a ready supply of raw materials tomorrow.

Turning Waste Into Energy

As briefly alluded to earlier, unrecyclable waste can be repurposed, with the creation of biofuel being one such use. As we have slowly been reducing our reliance on oil, coal and gas in recent years, we need new ways to generate energy. With biofuel representing an opportunity to create fuel (as well as to cut down on landfill), expect it to grow in usage throughout the next decade.

Countries such as Sweden are at the forefront of this already; in 2017, it was said that 20% of fuel supplied to vehicles there were biofuel. As awareness in more countries grow and biofuel production technology improves, that number can only increase – especially in countries that are just starting to put in place the infrastructure to create it.

Rethinking of Manufacturing Processes

With waste needing to be thought about at the start of a product’s lifecycle, companies will need to rethink the way they do business; constantly looking at where waste is created in a product’s life and where they can reduce it.

Waste isn’t just created when the product is deemed as ‘no longer in use’; waste is created at several stages of the product’s life – from the manufacture of the prototypes through to the packaging and shipping. Much of this goes unnoticed to most people, but ensuring that every single instance of waste is thought about is crucial in upholding a circular economy.

Those were a few things that are set to become key parts of waste management within the next decade. If you’re searching for waste management services that can ensure that your waste is sufficiently collected, transported and recycled/repurposed, with the absolute minimum being sent to landfill, why not consider us here BKP?

Choose BKP For Expert Waste Management Solutions

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