Why Jetting Drains Is The Best Method To Clear Pipe Blockages

If you’re looking for a quick and cost-effective service that looks after the long-term health of your drainage system, high-pressure water jetting is the ideal solution. Taking advantage of its ability to concentrate water at specific areas, jetting drains is much more effective at removing malignant blockages – and from further down the pipe too.

Whilst the tried-and-tested method of using drain rods can be great at clearing blockages from close to the surface, using a hose-based jetting system will allow for the nozzle to extend much farther down the pipe; negotiating bends and exerting far more pressure on any obstructions. This ensures that the pipe is clear of all blockages and as a result, will see it needing less servicing in the long term.

Jetting Drains: What Can It Be Used For?

High-pressure water jetting drains can be used for several different applications, including:

  • Drain cleaning. By combining the pressure and volume of the water, jetting will deliver a thorough clean that cannot be achieved by other methods. Pressure jetting is able to remove grease, sludge and limescale, leaving pipes clean and in great condition.

  • Removal of debris. High-pressure water jetting softens and emulsifies blockages, loosening hard debris and can even break through tree roots. The average commercial jetting until is able to pump water at more than 4000 psi – easily enough to remove any type of blockage.

  • Regular drain maintenance. The water pressure exuded by the units are able to cut deposits away from the inner wall of the drain to improve and prolong the life of the walls and floor of the drain.

  • Ditch cleaning. Blockages and debris can be removed from ditches and gullies by high-pressure water jetting to reduce the risk of leaks, odours and an accumulation of wastewater from affecting your property.

  • Septic tank maintenance. Aside from clearing drains, ditches and pipes of debris, high-pressure water jetting can be used to keep septic tanks and soakaways clean; ensuring that the tank’s ongoing operations are able to function as they should.

The Added Benefits of Using High-Pressure Water Jets

Aside from offering a thorough clean and removing residue and debris, jetting drains offers increased levels of mobility – drains in homes (especially older buildings) can be unstable and precarious. You would not want to have open pipes in order to clean them – this can cause extensive damage and costly repairs. Due to the hose of the jetting systems being able to enter directly into the plumbing system, you can wash out even the most trickiest of places.

Another added benefit in using high-pressure water jetting to clean your drains, is that it reduces bacteria. With pipework being used constantly, they harbour many strains of bacteria – causing bad odours and potential health issues.  Jetting drains will clear out bacteria, along with the other dirt and grime.

Cost is always a major factor in the hire of any service – without a doubt, water jetting waste from your drains provides the best cost-effective alternative to other methods. Due to the pressurised water clearing out the plumbing so thoroughly, you will not have to have it cleaned so often. Not just that, but the time it takes to undertake too will be quick – time, as they say, is money.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of these benefits or you would like to learn more about how high-pressure water jetting works, why not consider getting in touch with us here at BKP?

Professional Water Jetting Services Across The UK

Here at BKP, we have been providing waste management and environmental cleaning services for more than half-a-century – building up a leading nationwide service in the process. The major reasons behind this, is due to our approach to embracing new technologies and our endeavour to ensure a client-focused service.

This is typified by our jetting drains service. We use only the latest industry-standard equipment to clear and clean blocked drains, our work performed after we inform our clients of everything we plan to do, how we plan to do the job and how much it will cost – no hidden extras, just honest, straightforward answers. To find out more about our service works, check out this case study that saw our high-pressure water jets deal with a limescale emergency at a laundry facility.

If you would like to speak to us about our water jetting services, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 376 5004. Alternatively, you send any enquiries to sales@bkpgroup.com and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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