Are You Throwing Away Your Old Clothes?

In our 21st century lifestyle, we are constantly reinventing ourselves. This includes our fashion, which means lots of clothes are thrown away. Many people donate unwanted but still 'useable' clothes to a local charity shop, then throw away dirty or worn-out clothing in the general waste bin. However, did you know that some clothing and textiles can be recycled? For more information regarding waste and recycling services give BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd a call today!

Why The Waste?

There are numerous reasons why some people choose to throw away their used clothes instead of sending them to be recycled or donating them to charity.

With people often getting new clothes during new seasons, old clothes often pile up and when people decide to have a clear out, many items of old clothing become waste. The Guardian wrote in an article that one of the reasons might be “because they do not realise that worn-out or dirty clothes can be recycled or accepted by charities".

How Are Clothes Recycled?

You might be surprised to learn that clothing and textiles are nearly 100% recyclable! If your clothing isn't reusable, it can be recycled into numerous different products. It could be turned into rags that are used for cleaning, or perhaps turned into carpet padding or insulation.

With recycling there are numerous different ways that items can be reused. For example a plastic bottle can be turned into clothing. There are numerous different products that can be made out of recycled plastic. For example, products can be made out of recycled plastic for various uses such as packaging, construction, furniture and clothing.

What Can Be Done About It?

We are all becoming more environmentally conscious. Nowadays, we are not just worrying about how much waste we recycle, but we are also concerned about where this waste goes and how it is disposed of. For example, Sky has launched a campaign called Sky Ocean Rescue which is spreading awareness about the volume of plastic in the world's oceans. Did you know that by 2050 the total amount of plastic in the oceans could weigh more than the ocean's fish?

Additionally some businesses are offering recycling services. These businesses are perhaps not what you would expect; they are not waste and recycling services, instead they are businesses like Apple, tech giants who revolutionise our lives with new technology like the Iphone which in 2007 changed our perception of what a mobile phone is, and what it could do.

Apple's Recycling Scheme

Apple's recycling scheme, which can be found at will either refurbish your old apple device so that it can be sold again, or they will recycle the materials, giving you a responsible way to dispose of your old device. Additionally, if your device qualifies, you'll receive a gift card!

Also, as reported on the 24th of April 2017 by, Apple has made a pledge. This pledge is to work towards using 100% recycled materials in its products!

Adidas Ocean Plastic

Other businesses are also thinking about waste and recycling. For example Adidas launched two football kits that were made using plastic that has been recovered during clean-up operations in the Maldives. The Maldives is a south Asian nation location in the Indian ocean.

They made kits for the popular teams Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. This is a fantastic waste and recycling project because not only is this recycling waste to be transformed into a different project, but it is also helping to clean up our precious oceans.

What About Brexit? Will That Affect Waste And Recycling?

With the upcoming general election, many people are concerned about what will happen with regards to waste targets, recycling services and waste legislation in the UK after Brexit.

With the general election approaching it's currently impossible to make any accurate predictions about what will happen with regards to the future. Until the results have been released, we will not know what manner of Brexit the future government will seek.

BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd; A Business That Respects The Environment!

The environment is precious. Climate change and ocean plastic are very real threats to many nations of the world, and as such it is important that both businesses and individuals look to see if there are any changes that they can make in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

We understand that as a professional waste management and disposal business; our actions from our various waste and recycling services have the potential to negatively impact the environment. We also understand that as a professional waste management and disposal business, we have a role to play in protecting the environment. As such, we seek to minimise or prevent any harmful environmental effects that may result from our activities.

If you would like to read more about our commitment to the environment, you can do so by reading our environmental policy. You can find our environmental policy by clicking on “BKP Information" at the top of this page and visiting our policies, insurance and professional certification page.

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