Needles, Sharps And Hazardous Waste

Many people and businesses use needles and sharps in their day-to-day business activities, so why can't they dispose of them as general waste? Why do theyrequire a specialist needle and sharps removal service?

Why Can't You Dispose Of Needles And Sharps In General Waste?

Whilst needles and sharps may be commonplace in many different industries, that doesn't mean that they are general waste. Needles and sharps can contain human or animal tissue and they can pose a risk to human health, as such they are considered hazardous materials and must be disposed of appropriately.

When disposed of incorrectly, needles and sharps can present a risk of injury to anyone who may come into contact with the waste.

Risks Of Injury

If you dispose of needles or sharps in a method other than a needle and sharps removal service, your needles could injury somebody. If somebody is sorting general waste and a needle is mixed in with the waste, they could receive a needle stick injury. This could result in serious health hazards. Some viruses can be passed on via contact with used needles such as the dangerous Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses. More information regarding these health hazards can be found on the NHS website .

There are many different types of sharps and needles and all of these must be disposed of in a responsible and ethical manner. For example at a care home, some patients may need to receive medication via a syringe. This needle must be disposed of in a responsible and legally compliant manner. For example, by using a needle and sharps removal service.

Businesses That Could Utilise A Needle And Sharps Removal Service

Many different businesses can benefit from a waste manage service to dispose of their used needles and sharps. Three such businesses could be:

  • Tattoo Studies
    Tattoo artists use a needle and ink to create works on art on people's skin. These needles must be disposed of in a responsible and legally compliant manner. In addition to this, other forms of waste produced by tattoo studies may be classified as hazardous waste and as such they would require a hazardous waste removal service.

  • Care Homes
    As written above, some care homes administer medication via an injection, as such these dangerous sharps must be disposed of in a legally complaint manner.

  • Beauty Clinics
    Beauty clinics offer a variety of treatments, some of these treatments may produce hazardous waste, which must be disposed of using a hazardous waste removal service. Other treatments involve the use of needles, which must be disposed of in a responsible manner.

BKP: A Skilled Hazardous Waste Management Business

BKP are a very skilled waste management business. Our hazardous waste service will allow you to efficiently manage your hazardous waste in a manner that complies with legislation.

Many businesses use electrical equipment to assist them in their day-to-day activities. Some businesses use electronic equipment to book a customer's appointment and some use it to contact their customers. Electrical equipment is very important, but when it is time to dispose of your electrical equipment; like needles and sharps, electrical equipment requires specialist disposal.

Electrical and electronic equipment requires specialist waste services to dispose of this equipment. These services are known as WEEE waste services . Electrical equipment can include computers, telephones, monitors/televisions and many other electrical items. As the Health and Safety Executive writes, WEEE includes most products that have a plug or need a battery.

Our transfer station is also licensed for both hazardous and non-hazardous forms of electrical and electronic equipment waste. We can provide both collection and disposal services for items such as computers, laptops, printers and more.

We could also provide an audit/site survey to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly hazardous waste disposal solution.

Why Should You Dispose Of Your Waste With BKP?

In addition to being a very skilled waste management business with over 50 years of industry experience, we are also very dedicated to providing environmentally responsible waste management solutions. If you would like to read more, you can view our environmental policy which can be found on our policies, insurance and professional certification page .

Managing your waste correctly isn't just good for the environment; it is also good for your wallet. By managing your waste correctly and reducing the amount of waste your business produce, you could save money. At our Romsey, Hampshire facility; we do not have a minimum weight charge. This means that we only charge you for the exact weight of your waste. This means that correct waste management and waste reduction techniques could potentially become cost reduction techniques. This means that managing your waste in a responsible manner is important, for both the environment and your wallet.

A Needle And Sharps Removal Service From BKP

Whether you are a commercial business that uses needles or sharps, or if you discover any needles that have been discarded on your premises, it is very important that you obey the law and dispose of these materials in a responsible and legal manner.

With our many years of experience providing waste services, we can dispose of your waste in a swift and compliant manner. We fully understand and recognise the dangers poses by needles and sharps and as such we are able to dispose of them swiftly and safely. For business that uses needles and sharps on a day-to-day business, being able to remove such items in a safe manner is very important for health and safety.

In addition to our needle and sharps removal service, we also provide waste services such as: skip hire, industrial waste services, drainage and a 24hour emergency response waste service.

Over our many years of business, we have obtained various accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation, which are:

  • An ISO 9001:2008 in Quality.
  • An ISO 14001:2004 Environmental.

We have also obtained an accreditation from the British Standards Institution, a BS OHSAS 18001:2007 in Health and Safety.

You can learn more information regarding our accreditations and also view our waste carrier certificate by visiting our policies, insurance and professional certification page.

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