Growth In The Rate of Carpet Recycling – Why We Should All Join In

The rate at which carpets (and associated materials) are recycled is on the up. Carpet Recycling-UK (CRUK), the non-profit recycling industry association, has released their data for 2018 that points to a major increase in the tonnage of carpet waste that has been collected for recycling and reuse.

However, despite this news, the rate is still on course to miss the European Union’s 2020 landfill diversion target. So here, we’re going to talk about the rise in carpet recycling and what we all can do to ‘up’ that rate.

The Rise of Carpet Recycling In The UK

The statistics presented by CRUK say that around 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste was generated during 2018, with 61,000 tonnes (equating to 15%) being recycled or reused. An additional 114,000 tonnes were sent for energy recovery, whilst the remaining 224,000 tonnes were sent to landfill. That’s over HALF of the country’s generated carpet waste.

In total, the current landfill diversion target (as of the end of 2018) stands at 44%. Whilst this is the highest rate that has been recorded to date, it is still somewhat short of the 60% target that needs to be hit by the time 2020’s carpeting recycling rates come to be measured.

Breaking Down Carpet Reuse Numbers

If we look at the figures in comparison to 2017, the tonnage of materials that were sent for energy recovery in 2018 saw a reduction of 10,087 tonnes from the previous year. This was offset by the increase in the amount of carpet waste that was recycled and reused; around 19,338 tonnes more in 2018 when compared to 2017. This represented an increase to 15% from 10%.

On energy recovery, the demand for carpet waste for cement kilns as a renewable resource to replace fossil fuels (for export, as well as for the UK) and the local incineration of municipal solid wastes has also been strong. Households are amongst the sources of carpets that are recovered via domestic waste and recycling centres, as well as through bulky waste collections.

Speaking about the 2018 results, Adnan Zeb-Khan, CRUK scheme manager said; “ We are making progress towards our target of 60% landfill diversion by 2020 and are proud of what we have achieved in our first decade. With strong commitment and support from all our Core Funders, members and the supply chain, we will continue to work tirelessly towards our sustainability goals.

Looking ahead to 2020, CRUK say that they will focus on increasing support from businesses across the flooring sector – promoting the use of increased recycled content in textile flooring and the adoption of ‘ circular production practices ’.

Why We Should All Be Recycling Our Carpet Waste

Whether we’re renovating the home, the business or if we deal with vast amounts of carpet waste on a daily basis, ensuring that materials are recycled is vital in the ongoing protection of our environment. Choosing to work with a professional waste management company for all of your carpet recycling needs offers a range of benefits, which include:

  • It helps businesses to stick to their legal obligations . To ensure the ongoing safety of their operation, several business types will be subjected to legislation that requires them to record the steps that they take in the management of their waste. Whether it’s the safe and secure storage of their waste, the ability to accurately describe it, the segregation of any hazardous waste or the production of waste transfer notes – the business will have a duty of care to follow. 
  • It’s time-saving. If a business has to remove waste materials themselves, the amount of time spent organising and undertaking this practice may be better spent on performing other functions that are of benefit to them. A professional carpet recycling company are able to arrange for the pick-up, recycle, disposal and can provide all of the documentation to satisfy any and all legalities.
  • It’s cost-effective Time is money in the business world, of course, so saving on time will ultimately save any business the long-term costs in performing the removal and recycling of carpets (and other types of waste) themselves. In recent years, for any waste that is taken to a site that doesn’t hold the correct environmental disposal permits. By working with a professional carpet removal company, this will simply not be an issue – not only will recycling professionals be able to display the correct waste carrier and recycling accreditations they will also put the vast majority of materials to better use, cutting down on what’s sent to an (authorised) landfill site.

If you operate your own business that deals with carpet waste or are a homeowner with many carpets that need to be disposed of, consider reaping all of these benefits and more by choosing carpet recycling from the experts here at BKP.

BKP: Innovative, Trusted Waste Management and Recycling

After spending more than half-a-century in the waste disposal industry, the need for constant innovation has kept BKP at the forefront of the latest changes in legislation and technology. This has allowed the company to serve the needs of all of our clients , no matter how precise or specialist they may be.

If you would like to learn more about our carpet recycling  service, please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated client service team today. You can speak to them directly on 0800 376 5004 or you can send an e-mail to at and they’ll endeavour to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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