Waste Oil Collection How To Dispose of Oil Waste

Whether in the home or the business, ensuring that you’re able to effectively store, handle or dispose of waste oils is important – vital if they are classed as hazardous or ‘special’ waste. As waste oil contains many contaminants, ensuring their proper disposal will help to protect the environment, safeguarding plant, animal and human life.

Here, we’re going to look at the best practices in regards to waste oil collection – how to successfully handle, store and dispose of common waste oils found in everyday surroundings.

Waste Oil Collection: Handling, Storing and Disposing of Fuels and Lubricants

When oil becomes ‘waste’.

As there are a multitude of different types of oil, all with different properties (that may have changed during use), there are different technical specifications that you need to be aware of when it comes to defining them as ‘waste’ – a complete list of which can be found on GOV.UK . However, the most common waste oils (that are derived from fuels or lubricants) will be products of petroleum oil (often known as ‘mineral oils’). Other common waste oils include vegetable-based materials, used for tasks such as cooking.

Any type of oil can prove harmful to the environment and human health – some engine oils, for example, can cause cancer and will need to be managed carefully . With this in mind, below are a number of steps you should take, prior to your waste oil collection, if you deal with any of the common oil waste mentioned here:

Dealing with waste oils.

· If the waste oil is a lubricating oil (i.e. from a vehicle) then this should be placed into a secure container

with a lid – these oils should never be disposed alongside regular household waste or recycling. Instead, they should be transported to a local household recycling facility for specialist, safe disposal.

· Small quantities of waste cooking oils can generally be placed into a domestic waste collection – but it’s always best to see what the local council has stated on their website. Dependent on their requirements, cooking oil may need to be placed into a clear closed container and labelled as ‘waste oil’.

· For health and safety reasons, it’s important to know that different types of oil should never be mixed for waste oil collection – if you’re disposing of more than one type, the waste should be placed in separate containers. Never pour oil down a drain or into the ground.

· If you’re disposing of fuel, you will need to be aware of the risk of fire or explosion. Do not try to dispose of the waste yourself by burning or adding the fuel to a home heating tank – always contact a waste management professional for safe fuel disposal advice.

· If you find that you’ve put the wrong type of fuel in a vehicle; firstly, do not turn on the engine as it has the high probability of causing engine damage. Secondly, do not try to drain the fuel yourself; as a flammable, hazardous material it should be managed by a professional service, such as a garage.

Dealing with oil packaging.

The easy way to know if any (empty) oil-containing packaging is able to be placed in general recycling, is by looking to see if it contains a recycling symbol – if you’re unsure, ask your local council for advice. The availability of facilities that handle the recycling of empty oil containers will vary depending on the council, so in some cases, they can be included in your household recycling and in other cases, they may need to be placed with your general waste.

However, depending on your circumstances, it may be preferable to hire a swift, efficient waste disposal service to handle, take away and dispose/recycle your waste. This is where we can help.

Need A Swift, Effective Oil Waste Removal Service? Choose BKP

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