The Brief

BKP Waste and Recycling Ltd have just invested in their latest state of the art piece of equipment at their licensed treatment facility located in Romsey, Hampshire.

Having over 50 years' experience in waste management, BKP regularly come across difficult waste streams such as heavy oily sludge's from various sources which other waste companies cannot handle directly.

The Solution

By procuring a centrifuge system, it provides waste volume reduction by spinning sludge's to separate the suspended solids to allow the water to discharge back to source. The system works somewhat similar to a washing machine and once spun, the waste is ejected via a screw process and deposits the spun solids into a waste receptacle.

This type of equipment offers a more environmentally friendly approach to waste management as it significantly reduces the waste stream by removing as much fluid as possible and in most cases the final product can potentially be reused for ground remediation or other remediation techniques.

Not only does this kind of technology enable a higher volume of waste kept out of landfill, it also contributes to improving our carbon foot print by reducing vehicular movements before and after treatment; helping us to protect the environment.

Being one of the very few licensed hazardous transfer stations in the Southern region to have this technology, BKP can continue to provide existing and potential clients more cost-effective options to dispose of their waste. Gavin Reed, Managing Director of BKP says; “The centrifuge will massively benefit the way BKP process waste here at Romsey because we will be able to significantly reduce the volumes of the waste streams delivered to site by separation. This equipment is significant, not only to the business, but to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. This reinforces and enhances our mission; to reduce their impact of waste activities on the environment."

If you would like to find out more about the new centrifuge please give our sales team a call on 0800 376 5004 today.