Drilling Mud Disposal

The Brief

With the extensive experience of working with several clients who operate drilling rigs within southern England, BKP's newly acquired centrifuge system is well placed to handle both oil based and water based drilling muds which are produced from drilling new wells, re-drilling a new route for an old well or drilling to 'kill' a well, which may no longer be producing oil. The introduction of the centrifuge has enabled BKP to process this difficult waste stream more efficiently and cost effectively. By working closely with our clients who provide a sample of the waste prior to the major 'drill', BKP can analyse it and determine the best method of treatment; enabling quicker turnarounds on the waste when it arrives at their Romsey facility.

The Solution

Using specialist polymers and running the waste through the centrifuge system, the contents are spun to encourage de-watering. This centrifuge offers an environmentally friendly approach to waste management by significantly reducing the water content and allowing the solids to be removed and reused for remediation purposes. Because of BKP extensive site permit, the separated liquid scan then be discharged via their foul sewer within their consent limit.

Whilst not all drilling muds are suitable for the centrifuge system, BKP are still able to stabilise the product in other ways so it can still be used for remediation purposes.

As BKP are one of the very few licensed hazardous transfer stations in the southern region to have this specialist technology, they can now provide more cost-effective options to clients who generate waste streams with a high-water content.

If you would like to find out more about the BKP centrifuge system and how it can help with drilling muds or any other waste streams, please call one of their sales team on 0800 376 5004 or visit our website https://www.bkpgroup.com