Emergency Flood Response

The weather predictions are not always reliable so when the country encounters a heavy downpour, it invariably causes issues on our roads, in towns and our watercourses. In areas of lowlands flooding is very common and on many occasion BKP Waste & Recycling have had to come to the rescue to prevent flood waters from entering domestic properties, public houses, restaurants and even the town centres!

The last encounter involved virtually the whole of BKP's fleet of tankers ranging from articulated vehicles, rigid vehicles to the Super Suckers/Jet Vac tankers. Additional crew were also called in to help with the clean-up operation afterwards; removing large quantities of detritus from walkways, driveways, roads, basements and cellars using mobile jetting equipment and spill kit.Having had the experience of such a major event on their doorstep, BKP have now invested in specialist equipment which processes large quantities of water;removing silts and debris to treat the waters before discharging down the main sewer.

This mobile unit can be manoeuvred into place on any site and be up and running within a matter of hours; alleviating the client's problem promptly and effectively. All sludges generated from this process are then treated back at BKP's licensed treatment facility in Romsey, Hampshire.

Can BKP provide your company with emergency flood response,clean-up programmes and waste processing on site?

To join our Emergency Response Service contact us on 0800 376 5004 today or visit our website www.bkpgroup.com