Asbestos Fly Tipping Cases On The Rise

Fly tip hazardous waste

Although based in an area of outstanding beauty in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, BKP Waste and Recycling's licensed transfer station has seen a dramatic increase in fly tipping enquiries recently. Being committed to protecting the environment, wildlife and the general public, BKP will respond to all emergency calls day or night to ensure hazardous waste is removed safely, legally and securely.

A recent example was BKP acted immediately to a call for the safe collection and disposal of a large quantity of asbestos sheeting which was abandoned in a lay-by located in Hayling Island, Portsmouth..

BKP responded quickly and removed the hazardous substance from the area ensuring the specific Health and Safety guidelines were adhered to at all times. The client quoted “Can I ask you to thank your two operatives that attended the above site today. They worked in the most efficient manner and cleared the job without any problems. Thank you for your support on this particular challenge."

Asbestos is a naturally occurring carcinogenic mineral that was widely used in building materials due to its heat resistant properties until it was banned in 1999. There are strict regulations on the handling of asbestos products and it is important to have asbestos inspected regularly by professional surveyors who will advise whether it is safe to remain in place. In the event that it is showing signs of deterioration and needs to be removed, these works need to be completed by qualified asbestos removal contractors.

With landfill being the only disposal route for asbestos coupled with escalating costs and tax charges, it is not surprising that fly-tipping cases are on the increase; causing dangerous blots on the landscape.

At BKP, we always provide 'cradle to grave' legal documentation for all projects and can include a wrapping, collection and disposal service as one package. So, if you have asbestos to dispose of, trust BKP Waste & Recycling to provide you with a safe legal and compliant service.

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