Fly Tipping Cases On The Rise

With so many restrictions in place now at local amenity facilities, the number of cases of fly-tipping is dramatically increasing across the country and it is generally left to the council to arrange and pay for the removal of these eyesores; running into hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum

In the majority of cases, the most common tipped waste is either asbestos or waste oil drums containing various hazardous chemicals. This in itself posses many issues for a waste carrier who has to identify what the waste is before they can legally collect it and transport it to a licensed treatment facility or transfer station for safe storage

Thankfully BKP Waste & Recycling offer an in-house total service where trained chemists can attend site, sample and identify the wastes, package the items for secure transit,, document the correct paperwork to enable the items to be collected by trained operatives and process the waste back at their licensed facility in Romsey, Hampshire. Where possible every item is either treated, reprocessed or recycled before considering the final disposal route; landfill. Backed by all the necessary licenses, permits, risk assessments and method statements as well as their ISO accreditations, BKP are a knowledgeable and reliable company you can trust to do the job properly first time.

Detailed reports are always provided to out clients showing before and after photos of the site along with completed EA documents confirming that the waste has been professionally and legally handed correctly for future reference.

Most recently, BKP have been involved with fly tipping cases at garden centers, roadside and county laybys, national parks and even commercial premises

If you are encountering fly tipped waste within your area and you need assistance on an ad hoc or regular basis, give BKP a call and one of their trained salespeople will be happy to discuss it with you.

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