Forget shredded wheat, what about shredded waste?

The Brief

Data protection is currently a hot topic for everyone especially with the new GDPR regulations that came into force in May 2018.

For sometime, BKP have provided a shredding service for their customers who require the destruction of sensitive items such as confidential documentation; ensuring that all items are destroyed completely before disposal. On completion, BKP will provide a detailed audit trail and certificate of destruction to their client for future reference and added confidence.

The Solution

The shredder facility is so effective, it has already destroyed a multitude of wastestreams from emblazoned products that are no longer in use, named uniforms and PPE to prevent security breaches, beauty and medical products which have not met the required trading standards to counterfeit items such as clothing and perfumes, unapproved toys and electrical equipment.

When necessary, BKP can also supply video evidence of each destruction to confirm that the items have been destroyed in a responsible and legally compliant manner.

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