Graffiti Removal

BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd was commissioned to undertake works to remove areas of heavy graffiti from a building in Southampton. The spray-based paint that was used on the building had soaked into the brick faces proving normal removal methods ineffective.

Thankfully here at BKP we have a fully trained and certificated team who can carry out even the toughest of jobs. We have introduced a specialist paint removal product which in addition to our Typhoon Hot Pressure Washer system was able to remove all the paint residues from the brick faces leaving little trace of the paint as ever have being there. This method of cleaning left the area clean and free of graffiti. At the same time the client also asked us to complete the washing down of the green lichen staining to the old bricks as part of the building renovation works.

The Typhoon hot pressure washer mobile unit can be manoeuvred into place on any site and be up and running within a matter of hours; alleviating the client's problem promptly and effectively. All sludges generated from this process are then treated back at BKP's licensed treatment facility in Romsey, Hampshire.