Limescale Emergency

The Brief

Establishments such as nursing homes, industrial laundries, hotels, leisure facilities and hospitals can often experience blockages with their drainage systems due to a product of everyday use.Without routine cleansing and descaling, the build up of limescale can cause the pipework to dramatically reduce in size which can result in the surcharge of waters and subsequent flooding.

A recent example of this happened to one of BKP's key clients, who called when a significant blockage in their laundry prompted an emergency call out. Operating their four industrial washing machines all day, every day, the combination of hot water and surfactants discharge constantly down the drain had caused a significant build-up of limescale.

The Solution

In this instance, BKP were able to camera survey the offending pipework to identify the key limescale areas and to high-pressure water jet these specific areas; removing all possible scale and enabling the drainage line to be fully functional again. Closed circuit television (CCTV) camera surveys are also used to examine and identify any structural defects such as hairline fractures, misplaced joints or snagging points; all issues that can all be rectified by BKP, either by high pressure water jetting, relining or patching.

Once works have been completed, a copy of the CCTV footage and a comprehensive report was provided to the client for future reference and where required, a quotation can also be provided for any repairs that were also identified in the survey.

“Our laundry is now back up and running thanks to BKP"