Soakway Installation

Having only purchased the property in November 2017, it was somewhat of a disappointment to Mr Downey to find that his septic tank needed a far more frequent emptying cycle than first advised. Without hesitation, he contacted BKP Waste & Recycling and one of their experienced field sales executives attended site to investigate the source of the problem. What he found was a poorly constructed soakaway which no longer functioned as previously intended. After some detailed discussions and provision of quotes for various options, Mr Downey instructed BKP to proceed with the removal of the defunct system and to install a new soakaway system.

The trained industrial services crew proceeded to dig out the old soakaway chamber and then excavated a further 800 mm hole to form a sump. The installation of a new 600 x 750 mm concrete ringed chamber complete with sump pump followed including a rising main connector via a 300 mm manhole chamber leading to a new high-level soakaway some 25 metres in length.

Wire armoured cables were connected to an existing electrical supply and a new isolating trip switch was installed with all electrical connections; covered by all the relevant safety certification which was duly provided to the client. Once completed, the team excavatedthe old soakaway area, removed any contaminated soils and reinstated the area;leaving the site looking as good as new.

If you have been experiencing any problems with your septic tank, cess pit or sewage treatment plant do not hesitate to give BKP a call today.