Tank Decommissioning

Whether you are in the aviation industry or not, BKP Waste& Recycling's name is renowned for its waste management services throughout the country. With over fifty years of experience in handling hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, our highly trained and qualified team of operatives, drivers and engineers can handle virtually any situation. One of our most prestigious projects was being involved with the decommissioning of an existing treatment facility for an aviation engineering company which was in desperate need of replacement but with the new equipment arriving on site within a matter of weeks, timings were crucial.

BKP not only emptied and cleaned the acid baths and spray booths, the crew also dismantled them and removed them off site providing safe and legal disposal. All walls and floors were then jet washed and epoxy coated in time for the new tanks to be installed. And our works didn't stop there! All the external drainage was cleansed and surveyed by camera to ensure no underlying issues and an inventory of packaged waste in drums and IBCs were evaluated and removed off site for disposal as well. Once completed, BKP provided a full summary of the conducted works along with all the legal paperwork for the client for future reference.So it is no wonder that many businesses involved in this niche market sector use BKP for a total waste management service.

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