BKP Uncover 'Old News' in Southampton

Working for Cappagh Browne, BKP utilised their latest Jet Vac vehicle and confined space crew to cleanse an attenuation tanked sewer; installed on the city's underground culvert to retain storm water to allow the flows to be balanced out to the downstream sewer to prevent flooding.

The works involved uplifting heavily compacted silts from the deep culvert tunnel and to high pressure jet wash all the walls, floor and ceiling to remove algae, detritus and vegetation. Although most of this waste was organic waste and was disposed of as non-hazardous silts, the large quantities of plastics, wood and metal that was collected were segregated and disposed of via approved recycling routes. It was whilst cleaning the ceilings, the operatives uncovered some strange inscriptions which later transpired to be newspaper pages which must have been used many years ago to line the culverts. Articles included reports on damage caused by heavy storms, football matches and political unrest in a foreign country. Sadly and understandably, the detailing was of poor quality but in some places, it was identified that some of the newspapers dated back to the 1940's and 1950's.

Once the three day cleaning project was completed, photos were taken of each section of the culvert for posterity before the culvert was put back into action.

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