The Bell Group Site Clearance Works

When one of our valued clients needed a site clearance job completed to create some much needed space to expand a rubbish store, they called in BKP Waste & Recycling who visited and surveyed the site, prepared a quote and once the approval was received by the client, the Industrial Services Division sprang into action.

The site shares a boundary with a railway fence & embankment and the area between them was heavily overgrown with vegetation; causing the fencing to be in a very poor state of repair.

By setting up a secure working zone and ensuring all on site staff have been relocated for the duration of the works, this allowed for the site clearance to be completed in a safe, controlled and timely manner for our client. BKP also coordinated the provision and transportation of skips and appropriate plant to prevent any time delays or access issues within the safety zone.

Trees and shrubbery were cut down and removed from site to be recycled as compostable material and metal waste, concrete posts and general construction based waste was removed and recycled in accordance with best practices.

BKP strive to minimise the impact of our activities and to divert waste from landfill at every opportunity to not only meet but exceed our environmental obligations.
Our client commented on BKP's performance “'Good job, well done. Thanks".