Drainage Repairs

Drainage Repairs

Here at BKP Group, we can provide a diverse range of different specialised waste services to safely and responsibly dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. However, did you know we can also provide drainage repairs? If your property (either domestic or commercial) is suffering from damaged drains or a blockage of some kind, our team of specialists will be happy to assist in whatever way they can.

Whether your drains need unblocking, cleaning, emptying, or inspecting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 0800 376 5004.

Drainage Repairs From BKP Group

Drainage systems are quite complex and errors can occur for a wide range of different reasons. Some common issues include grease and fat build-up and fibrous root which need to be carefully removed. In these circumstances, we can provide either one-off services or a program of pre-planned maintenance, allowing for the upmost convenience to you and your home/business. We are able to provide a 24-hour blockage clearance and HPWJ (high pressure water jetting) service across the south coast. Our van pack units are mounted into our modern vans and can undertake most forms of blockage clearance and small drain cleaning works.

However, if your drainage issues are more severe than a blockage and your drainage system is damaged, we can provide a drainage repair service to all manners of pipe work. Our operatives can undertake rehabilitation works of worn and damaged pipe work; including full length CIPP liners and patches, re-rounding and relining of pitch fibre along with before-and-after CCTV footage to confirm that the works have been successful. With regards to the CCTV survey, we operate a top-of-the-range intrinsically safe mainline crawler CCTV system with pan-and tilt-facility; allowing all areas of pipes, sewers and drains to be surveyed. All reports are to WINCAN standard and are provided with JPEG images and CD footage; enabling the customer to see what we see. We also operate a smaller CCTV system with an auto-rotate mechanism, which again, can be used in conjunction with the WINCAN reporting format, so regardless of whether the diameter of your pipe work is 100 mm or 1000 mm, our drainage services can handle any task.

What Is A Drain Is Too Damage To Be Repaired?

We pride ourselves on providing a non-disruptive service whilst our customers continue with their day-to-day business. When we do encounter times when a pipe is too damaged to repair, we are also experienced in drainage excavations and reinstatements to a high standard.

Why Choose A Waste Management Business To Repair Or Unblock Your Drainage?

When choosing a business to provide maintenance on your property’s drains, it’s important that you make an informed decision, so why should you choose BKP Group; why not choose a business that only provides drainage solutions?

Well, when you choose BKP Group, you don’t just benefit from our experience as drainage operatives, you also gain the peace of mind in knowing that the waste generated whilst clearing your drain will be responsibly disposed of in the appropriate manner. After all, as a registered waste management company (Carrier, Broker, Dealer – Upper Tier) , we fully understand the environmental consequences of irresponsible waste disposal and as such we follow strict environmental policies to ensure that our impact on the planet is as low of is reasonably practicable.

Over our many years of experience, we have provided waste management, disposal and drainage services to a wide variety of customers and clients. If you would like to read about their experiences with the BKP Group team, please feel free to visit our testimonials page.

BKP Group, Internationally Accredited Experts

Our team of technicians are fully qualified and are regularly trained to meet the latest safety and quality standards. We recognise the importance of certification from external auditors and understand how they are a key component with regards to providing our clients with peace of mind. So, thanks to our various accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation, when you choose drainage waste solutions from BKP Group, you can rest assured that our team of experts will perform their duties in a responsibly and ethical manner.

Our QAS International Accreditations:

  • ISO 9001:2015 in Quality,
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental,
  • ISO 45001:2018 in Health and Safety.

Founded in 1964 and driven by a dedicated team from our Romsey transfer station, BKP utilise latest technologies and recognised strategies to provide sustainable solutions in waste management and disposal. We have the skills, equipment, and experience required to provide drainage repair services in a safe and responsible manner. With over 50 years of industry experience and innovative expertise, you can feel rest assured that the team here at BKP Group have all of the skills and experience to ensure that any issue or issues will be dealt with swiftly and with the utmost professionalism.

Additional Services Available From BKP Group

As a highly skilled business in both drainage solutions and waste management services, we can provide our clients with a diverse range of different services for their drainage needs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Drain cleaning & de-scaling,
  • Sewage systems and associated drainage,
  • Drainage Surveys,
  • Emergency response.

Additionally, as we are also an experienced waste management business, we can also provide waste clearance and removal services for many dangerous and harmful waste items. This includes wastes such as: Asbestos, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Disposal (WEEE Waste), chemical waste disposal, liquid waste services, paint disposal, and spray booth cleaning.

To Make An Enquiry Or For Additional Information, Please Contact Our Team

If you’re interested and you would like to request a quote, or if you have any questions or concerns; please don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff by calling 0800 376 5004, our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Alternatively, you could contact our team online using one of the following methods.

  • You can send our team an email at sales@bkpgroup.com.
  • You can fill out our contact form and a member of staff will respond as soon as possible.
  • Or you could reach out on Twitter or Facebook @GroupBKP.