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BKP Emergency Response Team,BKP Emergency Response Team

Have you found yourself in an urgent environmental situation that needs remedying ASAP? Here at BKP, we have a 24/7 emergency spill response team on hand to treat any issues that you may be experiencing.

We understand that in such an event, time is of the essence and a fast, professional response is vital to minimise an environmental disaster. This is why we’re able to respond as soon as you need us. Regardless of the issue, no matter if you’re operating a residential, commercial or industrial premises, we have all of the experience and skills to help.

Our Emergency Spill Response Service

Our emergency spill response service provides a professional, comprehensive, safe and effective clean up for virtually any hazardous or non-hazardous spillage. This includes chemicals, oils, sewage and floodwaters – all completed in strict adherence to EU regulations and guidelines.

Just an example of some the hazardous waste spills we deal with, include:

Emergency Response

Oil Spills

Oil can easily slip into the environment, causing contamination and posing huge health and safety risks. Regardless if oil has contaminated roads, floors, soil or water, we are able to quickly mobilise to undertake a thorough clean up and decontamination of all affected areas. We will remove all traces of oil, leaving the area sterile and posing no possible environmental or health and safety risks.

Chemical Spills

Mishandling chemicals do not only pose a major health and safety risk but without an emergency spill response they could potentially cause disastrous damage to a property and the environment that surrounds it. Our team are able to react to any chemical spillage right away, using their skills, experience, specialist tools and vehicles to stop its effects, clear it and take it away for safe disposal.

Food and Drink Spills

When spilt in large quantities, the chemicals in many types of foodstuff pose a major health and safety threat for people, animals and the environment.

As an example – if the materials inside foodstuffs are allowed to enter a watercourse, they can strip it of its oxygen, causing fish and other organisms to suffocate. This type of environmental damage can last for many years, as rivers take time to regenerate back to liveable conditions. For us humans, the build-up of food waste, if not treated properly, can cause severe skin and eye irritation.

Our emergency spill responders are able to get to work as quickly as possible; carefully and professionally limiting pollutants from finding their way into water or from causing any health and safety risk.

Client-Focused Environmental Services

For over 50 years, BKP have been providing waste management services to a wide range of individuals and business types. We have been known for our expertise in managing hazardous and liquid waste but in more recent years, the obtainment of a waste transfer station permit has allowed us to excel in all areas of waste management. This allows us to provide all our clients with a total waste management solution.

The reputation that we have built has been thanks to our dedication to client service, our hard-working ethic and sophisticated solutions that ensure that all the waste we handle causes minimal disruption with maximum results.

Thrown into that, is our constant strive for innovation. We haven’t been in the waste treatment industry for more than five decades without being able to apply ourselves to the latest technologies and strategies that give our clients the best, most bespoke job possible.

So with our team of highly experienced and qualified operatives (and vehicles equipped with the latest technology including spill kits and absorbents), you can feel rest assured that when an emergency occurs, by using BKP, you are in safe hands.

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If you would like to learn more about our emergency spill response service, give us a call today on 0800 376 5004. Aside from offering immediate help, we can help you to put in place an emergency response procedure. One of our representatives will happily do a site visit and plan out a strategy.