Jetting Drains

There’s nothing worse than running a tap or flushing the toilet and not seeing the wastewater drain away properly – if it does at all. If you find yourself spending too much time maintaining your drains and problems keep repeating themselves, professional drain jetting is the best option for you to ensure clean and effective pipework.

Here at BKP, we are dedicated to jetting drains. Our 24-hour service can be utilised across south-east England. No matter the types of issues you may be experiencing or even whenever you need the job doing – whether it’s an emergency or you simply need to arrange for a seasonal service – our expert team are on call to help.

How does jetting drains help with blockage clearance?

Water jetting is a highly effective method of clearing pipes, drains and sewers; the use of high-pressure water sufficiently clears waste, dirt and debris from areas that have become blocked and impassable. The water is stored in tanks and run through a specialist high-pressure hose with a jetting nozzle – making it ideal for directional control.

The best aspect of jetting drains with high-pressure water is that it will work on virtually any kind of drain and is able to clear most kinds of blockages. Using water at high pressure can remove anything from a tree root to clearing blockages caused by waste, fat, limescale or grease.

Furthermore, the use of a hose with a jetting nozzle enables HPWJ equipment to clear areas that are often hard to reach. As an example; whilst drain rods can clear away immediate blockages within the pipes, they are unable to extend far down, nor negotiate any bends. This will simply clear away the surface of the blockage, leaving plenty of room for it to build back up again. Water jetting equipment can clear the entirety of the blockage and bend around even the maziest pipework – and exert more force against the toughest parts of the blockage.

Our water jetting for drains service

Thanks to the process being a quick and relatively straightforward method to clear blockages, jetting drains is extremely cost-effective. It is the perfect service to suit around a sensitive timeframe or budget you may have – our professional water jetting operatives are able to work around your schedule, no matter where you may be located, to deliver our consummate service.

After we complete the clearing of blockages and drain cleaning, our team will organise the collection and disposal of any waste materials that may remain on site. All of our work is done to the highest industry standards, abides by the appropriate legislation and includes all relevant paperwork. You can rest safe in the knowledge that if you do experience any issues with your drains and pipework, we are well-placed to help.

Our High Pressure Water Jetting service in action

A great example of us jetting drains, was a job we did for a commercial laundry firm. As their industrial washing machines were in constant use, limescale quickly built up inside of the pipework, leaving the draining of water difficult.

In order to treat the issue, we first surveyed the offending pipework to identify the limescaled areas by using our own CCTV cameras. Ideal for detecting build-ups of waste material (as well as any structural defects within the drainage system) the camera showed us the areas that needed to be jetted. Simple, safe and easy, the client was quickly back up and running at no cost to their business (you can read more about this particular job, as well as many others, on our case studies page).

Why choose BKP for pipe de-scaling and cleaning?

As we’ve been operating within the waste management industry for more than 50 years now, we have built up an leading service that is able to investigate and treat any kind of domestic, commercial or industrial waste issue that our clients may be experiencing.

The reason why we’ve been able to thrive, has been thanks to our innovative outlook – we are constantly changing and adapting our services to new trends, technologies and legislations in order to be in a position to offer our clients the best, most comprehensive waste treatment service out there.

Finally, we endeavour to always to go that extra mile in order to ensure client satisfaction. No part of our work is done so without informing our clients of the works that we’re going to perform, why we’re doing them, how much it’ll cost and even offer tips on maintaining an effective drain. Why not get in touch with us today to learn more?

Get in touch with us to learn more about drain clearing

If you would like to learn more about our work, jetting drains, our friendly customer support team are always on hand to help. Give them a call today on 0800 376 5004 or send an e-mail to and they’ll be in touch asap.