Carpet Recycling

If you’re searching for a way to quickly and easily dispose of your carpets in an as environmentally-friendly manner possible, then you’ve found the right place here at BKP.

As part of our innovative waste management service, we are able to perform a carpet recycling operation that removes and processes all manner of carpet materials, leaving you free to concentrate on pursuing your building’s improvement projects and cutting down on landfill at a stroke.

Why Choose Carpet Recycling?

Whilst carpets look and feel fantastic, they are liable to age very quickly – especially if they’re being constantly used throughout the day. The majority of carpets will be synthetic, made from nylon, polyester and acrylics – all of these are non-sustainable petroleum-based products that will last for hundreds, if not over a thousand, years when buried in landfill.

So, why is it important to cut down on the amount of carpet we send to landfill? And why choose to recycle your carpets (as well as your other waste)?

Carpet reprocessing is good for the environment

The effect on the environment is the obvious major factor – although there has been a modest rise in the amounts of carpet (and associated materials) being recycled, reused or recovered, the number still stands at less than half, which means that around 200,000 tonnes of carpet waste is finding itself contributing to landfill each year.

A more significant reduction in landfill will mean that more materials can be reused and repurposed. This vastly cuts down on the amount of methane that is produced by landfill sites; methane being a major cause of atmospheric pollution.

If you operate a business, being able to tell your clients/customers that you have a rigorous approach to recycling will help to strengthen your reputation. As an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the effect that recycling has on the environment, they will be seeking to do business with a service that employs environmentally friendly methods – it says to them this is a professional business that takes its responsibilities seriously; a service we can trust.

Using a professional recycling service saves you time

Using a carpet recycling service will save you much time and effort in undertaking the task. Not only do you have to remove all of the materials yourself, but you will also have to find an appropriate facility in which to sufficiently recycle your waste. A professional carpet recycle service will be able to pick up the materials from you and do the rest – saving you much time and effort. This is time and effort that would be better off spent elsewhere on your project.

Having your carpets (and other waste) professionally recycled will save you money

Managing and handling waste is not only time and effort consuming; it is also costly in a monetary sense too. Even if you do not take waste to landfill yourself, you are ultimately responsible for the waste that is removed from your property and taken to landfill. Since the 1st April 2018, businesses have become liable to pay a landfill tax for any waste that has been taken to an unauthorised site (i.e. one that does not hold the correct environmental disposal permits). By recycling your carpets and other waste with a professional company, you will be seeing most of your refuse put to better use, whilst materials that are taken to landfill will be minimal and the site will be an authorised one, regardless.

Carpet recycling helps you to keep your legal obligations

Certain types of businesses will have a legal obligation to record, safeguard and manage the waste they produce. In short, the ‘duty of care legislation’ that a business must follow includes:

  • The safe and secure storage of waste.
  • The ability to accurately describe your waste.
  • Be able to segregate any hazardous waste.
  • The use of registered waste carriers.
  • Be able to use waste transfer notes and keep records for at least two years.

Here at BKP, we can help you with all of this and more – but why choose us for professional carpet recycle?

Why Choose BKP For Carpet Recycle?

Having been operating in the waste management industry for over 50 years, our longevity presents a clue as to why we have established a leading service. As the nature of waste streams have changed, so has the technology to treat them.

From the outset, BKP has remained committed to innovation; researching and investing in the latest waste management technology to give our clients the most up-to-date service. Our carpet recycling service is one such example.

Each of our services is client-focused. We take the time to understand exactly what the client needs and what they want to achieve – we don’t simply turn up, pick-up, load up and drive away to dispose of waste at a licensed facility; we are constantly on hand to address any issues or questions that our clients may have. We even offer advice on how to better manage waste going forward.

Ultimately, it’s this approach that has seen many of our clients hire us again for a repeat or even for a regular service to manage their waste. Why not get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you too?

Contact Our Recycling Experts To Learn More About How We Can Help

For more information on how we can help you with carpet recycling, please feel free to give our dedicated client service team a call today on 0800 376 5004. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.