Drainage, CCTV & Jetting Services

BKP has a range of drainage and jetting solutions tailored for every eventuality within domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Drain cleaning & De-scaling

As a result of everyday general laundry, dishwasher, fat and cooking oil discharges, a build-up of scale, waste food and congealed fats can cause blockages within your drainage; preventing flows from discharging to the main sewer or on-site sewage system. By having your drains regularly inspected and cleaned using BKP high pressure water jetting facilities, this can prevent potential obstructions; maintaining your system's efficiency and saving you money.

Sewage Systems and Associated Drainage

All septic tanks, cesspools, sewage treatment plants and pump stations require regular maintenance involving the desludging of the primary settlement tank as well as the servicing of any mechanical and electrical parts to ensure they are operating efficiently and meet their Consent to Discharge limits. BKP can offer a total maintenance package; combining the emptying with the service visit to minimise disruption on site. Whilst on site, the connecting drainage to and from the systems, including soakaways can also be jetted to ensure they are free flowing; minimising the risk of flooding or surcharging.

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, BKP offer a 24/7 response; providing a quick and efficient service to identify the cause of the problem and to resolve it for you. Whatever your drainage concern is, day or night, contact BKP on 0800 376 5004 for friendly and supportive advice.

High pressure water jetting

BKP have a team of trained jetting operatives who, with specialist high performance pumps and jetting equipment can provide surface cleaning for residential, industrial and commercial establishments. From warehousing or factory flooring, paths, patios and external structures, we can remove oil stains, algae build-ups and general discolouration along with graffiti and chewing gum removal. No matter how big or small the problem, BKP will be able to provide a solution.

CCTV drainage survey

Closed circuit television (CCTV) camera systems are used to inspect and analyse the structural integrity of a drainage system. Predominantly, CCTV is employed when ongoing issues occur which can be anything from root intrusion,broken or disjointed pipework, scale build-ups and general drainage faults. However, CCTV surveying is also used in preventative maintenance; identifying any problems which once analysed, repair techniques can be employed to rectify faults or defects to prevent further deterioration. All information captured from the survey is collated in a user friendly colour coded report with JPEG images and defect categories along with a site sketch and DVD of the original footage.

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complete guide to CCTV drain surveys

Relining services

Our 'no-dig' technology for drain repair is the least disruptive and quickest way to repair drains and sewers. Relining or patching of drains and sewers involves inserting a resin impregnated sleeve into the existing pipe. For drainage with multiple defects, a continuous liner is inserted, whereas for single or isolated defects, BKP can insert just a patch liner to rectify the problem.

Drain and sewer repairs

In the event that drainage is irreparably damaged, excavation is the last resort. BKP can provide this service and will ensure minimal disruption to your property and will restore any disturbed areas to their original condition.