Fly Tip Waste Clearance

Fly Tip Clearance Services

Fly Tip Clearance Services

If waste has been fly tipped onto your land, you should report it to the Environment Agency immediately. However, as the EA has no obligation to remove the waste, you may need the services of a professional waste management business like BKP, who provide a fast, professional fly tip waste clearance service to both domestic and commercial clients. 

What are the dangers of fly tipped waste?

Fly tipped waste can be dangerous for numerous reasons. It can contain a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials; for example a simple black bin bag could contain contaminated sharps or other items of clinical waste. 

Illegally deposited plastics, asbestos and chemicals can have devastating effects on the local environment and wildlife by contaminating soils and nearby water-sources. 

If you are hiring someone to collect and dispose of your waste, it's important to check they are a reputable company, to prevent the waste becoming a fly tip case. 

The environment agency website allows the public to check to see if a company holds a waste carriers licence - an essential document for legitimate waste disposal companies. You simply visit the environment agency's website and search for the name of the business. After entering their name and searching, it should inform you if the business is licensed or not. 

Past Cases & Testimonials

For more information about the previous fly tipping projects we have worked, visit our case studies page, or if you would like to read what previous customers have written about our services, you can see a selection of testimonials here.

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