Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardouse waste disposal

If you have any hazardous waste materials on site, ensuring that they’re safely collected, transported and disposed of is not just important to ensure ongoing environmental harmony, but also to abide by regulations set out by law. Here at BKP, we have many years of experience in dealing with all manner of waste – building up a leading UK hazardous waste disposal service in the process.

Our Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

Waste is generally considered to be hazardous if it has the potential to harm health or the environment. As such, waste that is classified as ‘hazardous’ requires specialist waste disposal services. However, with so many different types of hazardous materials out there, numerous different specialist services are required to safely dispose of them.

Our all-encompassing range of hazardous waste disposal services include:

Asbestos disposal

Asbestos was used in buildings built in the 20th century to provide insulation for walls, flooring and roofing. It has only been in recent decades that society has learned of its potential hazardous effects. When disturbed or broken, there is a risk of fibre particles being released into the air and causing potentially fatal breathing difficulties.

Here at BKP, we are able to provide a complete domestic, commercial and industrial door-to-door asbestos removal and disposal service at our fully-licensed, hazardous waste transfer station. Our fully trained experts will contain it, wrap it, collect it and dispose of it in one simple operation.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Disposal (WEEE Waste)

As more-and-more electronic devices establish themselves in our daily lives, they naturally present the inevitable question; how do we dispose of equipment when we no longer need them?

Any item that operates through an electric current should be considered as hazardous. Anything from computers, gaming consoles, televisions, vacuum cleaners, power tools, washing machines, microwaves, toasters, etc. The general rule of thumb is that if the device has a plug or battery, then it’s hazardous and should NOT be thrown in with your regular waste collections.

You will be required to arrange for the safe disposal of such items but instead of taking the time out to transport everything to a regulated WEEE hazardous waste disposal site yourself, why not allow the team here at BKP to do it for you? We can ensure the safe removal and quick disposal of any electrical items you no longer need.

Chemical waste disposal

When not sufficiently disposed of, chemical waste can have a devastating impact on the environment and everyone within it. If you produce or store any kind of chemicals, you would need to obtain a permit to do so. If your chemical waste is hazardous, you will need to take extra steps to ensure their safe disposal, such as classifying the waste before transfer.

The team here at BKP can help to take all of that work away from you, professionally classifying, treating, removing and disposing of all chemical waste as per regulations.

Site surveys

Whether you’ve just taken over a site, wish to construct/remodel anything on your existing one, then ensuring that no hazardous waste is around is a vital part of any site management plan. We can help to get your construction project moving as quickly as possible by undertaking professional site surveys in regards to any hazardous waste materials.

Liquid waste removal

If you need to remove any kind of liquid waste from your site, we have all of the equipment, experience and necessary permits to treat acids and alkalis, oils, slurries and drilling muds, food waste, sewage and grease trap waste, amongst many others.

Paint disposal

Whilst paint is (literally) a part of everyday life in the buildings we exist in, it’s a material that if not used, should be subjected to hazardous waste disposal. This is due to the fact that many paint types contain a number of chemicals, solvents and even trace metals. Without correct treatment and disposal, they will potentially harm the environment and our health.

With us, you can ensure that your waste is managed and disposed of in the correct way.

Microbead disposal

With increased focus being placed on the effect we all have on the environment, microbeads are fast-becoming synonymous with ‘plastic waste’. The tiny plastic pieces of plastic can easily find themselves entering the water supply (especially when used in products such as toothpaste and face scrub) where they’ll eventually reach the sea. Marine creatures are known to eat microbeads and as such, they enter the food chain.

The issue of microbeads is that they act as a sponge for toxins – absorbing pesticides that enter the food chain, affecting those within it. Here at BKP, we can offer you a microbead disposal service that will ensure no micro plastic will find its way into the water supply, helping the environment and safeguarding health.

Our Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

When disposing of hazardous waste, it is very important that you follow the hazardous waste regulations. These regulations contain lots of information regarding waste that is classified as hazardous. For example, if your business produces hazardous waste and you fail to comply with these regulations, you could face some serious penalties, which are defined in the regulations as,

A person who commits an offence under regulation 65 or 68 in connection with any other requirement under these Regulations shall be liable

On summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum; or

On conviction on indictment, to a fine or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or to both."

As a waste producer, you have a responsibility to choose a legally compliant and responsible waste disposal method for your hazardous waste.

With hazardous waste disposal from BKP, you can trust that we will manage your waste in both a responsible and legally compliant manner.

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