Oily Sludge Treatment

Swift and Efficient Oily Sludge Treatment

Swift and Efficient Oily Sludge Treatment

In need of a service that is able to help quickly, easily and legitimately remove and treat your oil waste? Here at BKP, we provide a comprehensive oily sludge treatment service that is able to deal with any volume of oil-based sludge. Our objective is to provide a sustainable, cost-effective solution that maximises the recovery of recyclable materials whilst minimising the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

Our Oily Sludge Treatment Service

As oil sludge is a mixture of oil, water and solids, it cannot be immediately put to reuse - leading to much of it being dumped into landfill. It's only by using an oily sludge treatment service that you can recover as much oil and water for reuse, whilst ensuring any unusable waste is kept to a minimum. As more oil and water is recovered, more energy and resources will be saved. This not only helps to protect the environment but also cuts down on the monetary costs of obtaining raw materials in the first place too.

Here are the different methods and equipment we employ to provide oil waste treatment:

Oil & Water Separation System (OWSS)

Our oil water separation system contains heated oils, contained within the base of the unit. The waste is discharged into the reception tank - which contains fine screens to remove the majority of the solid waste from the liquid. The liquid waste is then pumped to the OWSS which is connected to an industrial water heater, with a 150kw two-stage burner. This enables us to heat the liquid, efficiently separating the oil from the water.

As the levels of waste rise inside the system, the oil will be skimmed off - the recovered oil is then bulked in readiness for recycling. The water is then discharged through a release valve, located at the base OWSS and passed through a Coalescer system to remove any further hydrocarbon deposits. This occurs before the treated water is pumped back into our storage tanks for reuse in the next oil and water separation process.

Centrifuge Machine

Another method that we can use to separate oil sludges is through the use  of our in-house centrifuge system. The machine works by placing the sludge into rotation around a fixed axis, spinning it around in a circle. The force that is applied will be 90° to the axis of the spin - this creates the opportunity for solids and liquids to part from one another (known as 'the sedimentation principle').

With continued acceleration of the machine, the dense (solid) materials will move outwards towards the far ends of the centrifuge, whilst the less dense materials will move to the centre - sealing the separation and making for an easy collection of both waste streams. A centrifuge can be used in both hazardous or non-hazardous oily sludge treatment processes and can be controlled remotely until the optimisation of the sludge is achieved.

As we are one of very few licensed hazardous waste transfer stations in Southern England to have such technology at our disposal, we can continue to provide our customers with more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions in managing their waste streams.

So, if you're interested in learning more about how our oil waste treatment service can help you to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, why not consider getting in touch with our waste management specialists to learn more?

Why Choose BKP For Oil Waste Treatment?

Having been operating within the waste management industry for over five decades now, our experience has allowed us to shape a unique service that places constant innovation at the forefront. Therefore, we are constantly researching and investing in the best, most up-to-date technology in order to provide our customers with the best possible services. Our oily sludge treatment stands as a testament to that.

Speaking of our customers, every single one of our services is client-focused. We always endeavour to take time to understand exactly what they need and what they want to achieve. We don't just turn up, pick-up, load up and drive away to dispose of, treat and/or recycle their waste; we are constantly available to address any questions or issues they may have.

It is this approach to our services that has seen many of our customers hire us time-and-again; so why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help you too?

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