Site Clearances

Different sites will naturally contain different types of waste – some of which could be hazardous, some non-hazardous. Therefore, if you’re thinking about hiring a waste management company to undertake a site clearance, it is beneficial to go with a firm that is able to provide a wide range of removal and recycling services.

Being a leading waste disposal company with over 50 years of experience, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about treating all manner of waste materials here at BKP. With an innovative approach to our work, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive service – one of which is the clearance of waste from any type of site imaginable.

What Exactly Is A Site Clearance?

A site clearance is described by Department for Communities and Local Government on  in their site clearance capability document as ‘the process of removing rubble, debris and, in some cases, other materials which have been deposited due to an incident or event making an area unsafe or unusable.

The major factor behind a ground clearance is to prepare the site for construction, ensuring that the area is clear and safe to build upon. It may involve the clearance of any unwanted surplus materials (rubbish, machinery, equipment etc) or surface soil and vegetation – levelling to prepare the ground.

Many sites may need approvals from local authorities or national institutions before they’re cleared. For example, the removal of trees is strictly governed as many specimens will be protected. A site waste management plan (SWMP) will therefore need to be prepared before the clearance of the site begins. This document should describe how the different materials from the site will be managed and disposed of in a legal manner, as well as how their re-use and recycling will be maximised.

All types of waste that are present on the site (and included in the SWMP) must be removed safely, in an efficient manner. If there is any hazardous waste (such as asbestos), professional hazardous waste experts must be consulted with to safely deal with it.

So with much documentation and knowledge needed to legally deal with all kinds of waste, the hire of a waste management company offers the best solution to get a site clearance done, quickly and easily.

Experienced And Professional Waste Management Solutions From BKP

If you are indeed looking to clear a site of waste materials, then why not get in touch with the expert team here at BKP? Regardless of the works that need to be carried out, the types of waste involved or the timescale of the job, we can ensure the deliverance of an efficient waste management service.

Our site clearance service can be delivered at a time that suits you; we can even tailor it around whatever particular requirements you may have. Even if you experience an issue that requires an emergency response, our 24/7 waste emergency call out service is able to mobilise as soon as possible.

All work that we undertake is done by abiding by strict PPE. The health and safety of the sites we work on is of the utmost importance. We ensure that the environments we work in are safe before, during and after the job is complete. To learn more about our health and safety policy – please feel free to take a look at our dedicated policies, insurance and certifications page.

Our team of highly skilled technicians are fully qualified and regularly update their skills and industry knowledge by attending training courses, further increasing the quality of service that we have prided ourselves on for the last five decades. As such, waste management from BKP provides one of the most innovative around. Why not get in touch with us to learn more?

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