Skip Hire

If you’re searching for a swift and effective skip hire service that is able to deal with various types of waste in multiple volumes, then you’ve found the right place here at BKP.

With over 50 years of experience in the waste management industry, we have established a leading service thanks to our ability to understand the precise requirements of each of our clients, resulting in the timely delivery of a waste container that is the right size and type – ensuring the quick and easy disposal of unwanted materials.

Regardless if you’re looking to recycle your waste, safely remove hazardous waste, ensure the protected disposal of confidential waste or clean-up objects taken from contaminated land, you can feel rest assured that we have all of the experience and knowledge to help.

A Leading Skip Hire Service

Our competitively-priced skips are available in a diverse range of sizes. So whether you need a one-off waste collection service, or if you need a regular waste management solution, our team of experts are on hand to help.

Our range of skip sizes we have for short-term or long-term hire includes:

  • 6-yard skips. Perfect for the removal of a significant amount of household waste, 6-yard skips can also be used for any home improvement jobs that you may be undertaking. These could include any upgrades to your bedrooms, kitchen or bathroom, redesign of your garden(s), a clearout or any minor construction work.

  • 8-yard skips. Often called ‘builders’ skips’, 8-yard skips are the ideal size for any construction jobs you may be undertaking. These may include large-scale refurbishments, total clearouts of any properties and general construction work.

  • 12-yard skips. Great for large-scale jobs that require the removal of large amounts of waste materials, 12-yard skips are regularly used as part of full-scale renovations of properties or land clearances.

  • RoRos (Roll-on, Roll-off Containers). Primarily used by construction and industrial organisations, ‘RoRos’ provide a large waste disposal method for jobs such as demolition, construction, manufacturing waste and the clear-out of multi-storey buildings. The roll-on, roll-off skips we have for hire here at BKP are 15-yards and 40-yards in size.

So regardless of your particular skip hire requirements, you can feel rest-assured that we are equipped with the right types of waste containers needed for you to get the job done.

What Types of Waste Are Suitable For Our Skips?

With our skip hire service, you can dispose of a vast range of domestic, commercial and industrial waste. This includes waste items such as wood, cardboard, plastics, metals, dry soil and bricks (amongst other types of general waste).

This means that hiring a skip can be a great waste disposal solution for a diverse variety of household projects and domestic services. For example, if you’re doing some garden landscaping, you’ll need a responsible, ethical, and legally compliant method of dealing with all the waste produced.

Another project ideal for the hiring of a skip is home refurbishment. The number of projects you can start to improve your home are vast; whether it’s removing walls to open up your living space, building an extension, rebuilding a driveway, or just some general refurbishments and home cleaning.

However, skip hire isn’t just for domestic projects; it is also a great choice for commercial, industrial, and construction waste disposal. A construction site could hire multiple small or medium-sized skips in order to segregate their waste to make their waste management more environmentally friendly, for example.

Skips & Hazardous Waste

However, it should be noted that there are a number of items that cannot be disposed of via a general waste disposal service and as such, require their own specialised waste management solutions. Two examples include the disposal of plasterboard and WEEE.

These two waste categories might seem strange in that they are not considered general waste, as in our 21st century society electrical items are used in almost every avenue of life and plasterboard is a very common building material. However, electrical items cannot be disposed of in skips because they contain items that may be harmful if disposed of via landfill. Plasterboard, which also contains materials that are potentially harmful to the environment, requires specific disposal methods that separate it from other types of waste.

If you need to remove any electrical items, plasterboard or any other material that may be considered as hazardous, why not get in touch with us to learn how we can help?

Why Choose BKP Waste Management Solutions?

We at BKP are renowned for our vast portfolio of services, including superb skip hire and collection services for customers across the large areas of the UK. Our team can arrange the delivery and collection of your chosen skip at a time that suits you. After which your waste will be taken to one of our licensed waste transfer stations for sorting and recycling; minimising the amounts of waste going to landfill, protecting the environment.

Additionally, we understand that certification from external auditors is important to provide our clients with peace of mind. After all, whilst we’re managing your waste you’ll need to be sure that we act within correct health and safety, environmental, and quality guidelines. So, thanks to our various accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation, when you choose to dispose of your waste through any of our waste management services, you can feel rest assured that our team of experts will manage your waste responsibly and ethically.

Our QAS International Accreditations:

  • ISO 9001:2015 in Quality.
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental.
  • ISO 45001:2018 in Health and Safety.

Interested In A Skip Hire Waste Management Solution? Call The Waste Disposal Experts At BKP

To learn more about our skip hire service, or for any advice on what type of skip (or particular waste management service) would suit your waste disposal needs, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer support team today by calling 0800 376 5004. Alternatively, you can send any e-mail enquiries to our team at