Industrial Tank Decommissioning

If you operate an industrial business that is looking for effective tank cleaning and decommissioning, then look no further than the experts here at BKP.

We are able to offer a fully trained, experienced workforce to undertake tank decommissioning, either on a pre-arranged basis or as an emergency. Regardless of the types of oils and chemicals used, the timescale you need or any other requirements, we have a proven experience of treating a wide range of industrial waste issues.

Our tank decommissioning services

By utilising confined space entry, full breathing apparatus and pressure jetting facilities, our tank cleaning and decommissioning service can cover everything from statutory inspections through to the total removal of containers.

The materials that we often deal with during our tank decommissioning work, include:

  • Acids and alkalis.
  • Slurries and drilling muds.
  • Paints and adhesives.
  • Leachates and contaminated waters.
  • Interceptor and associated drainage waste.
  • Sewage and grease trap waste.
  • Waste hydraulic oils and soluble oils.
  • Food waste.

We operate to an array of industry standards, including City & Guilds, water hygiene, CSCS and ADR. Everything we do is in line with bespoke risk assessments and method statements (RAMs), which identify potential hazards and reduce the risk of injury.

How our industrial container decommissioning works

Our typical tank decommissioning service includes:

A site visit and project plan

We will make an initial visit to your site to inspect the condition, specification and contents of the tanks you want decommissioning; ascertaining if there are any restrictions that would have an impact on the safe removal of the tanks.

We completely understand that removing a tank is likely to cause disruption in regards to the site’s operation, so an initial inspection is vital in preventing any unnecessary delays. Before we start our work removing the tanks, we will issue you with a thorough RAM to ensure you that the project is planned appropriately.

Isolation and removal of waste

After the initial surveyance and testing, all residual liquids will be drained or pumped out before being disposed of at a specialist facility. Any residue that cannot be drained away will be removed by vacuum and where necessary, removed by one of our operatives performing a ‘confined space entry’ with all of the necessary equipment.

Tank decontamination

The tanks will then be thoroughly cleaned to remove all remaining hazardous residues. Cleaning can be undertaken using high-pressure water, a suitable degreaser or by using steam. 

Tank removal

Once cleaned and decontaminated, we will remove the tank and transport it to a licensed waste facility for its disposal. If there are any access issues that make the tank decommissioning unsafe or uneconomical, we can dismantle it on-site and remove for safe disposal. 

Removal and decontamination of associated infrastructure

Any parts that remain after the tank has been safely removed will be decontaminated and removed. This typically includes the removal/capping of pipework and the cleaning of plinths and bunds – often to a level at which they can disposed of as inert waste.

Land testing and remediation

If any tanks have the potential to cause contamination to the surrounding land, we will undertake an investigation to establish if there are any issues and if so, undertake further works as remediation to ensure that everything in the surrounding area is safe.

Choose BKP for swift, efficient decommissioning of tanks

Regardless of your waste disposal requirements, you can feel that with us, you will be receiving one of the UK’s most experienced and well-respected industrial waste services. We pride ourselves on our attention to client service – we are able to explain every step we take in detail, as well as offer advice on how to better manage your waste in the long-term.

Please feel free to take a look around our website to learn more about the company and the many expert waste management services we offer.

If you would like to learn more about our industrial tank decommissioning service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0800 376 5004 or by sending an e-mail to