BKP’s Megawhale, a jet-vac system which can tackle any job, no matter how demanding.

The Megawhale can work to depths of 30 metres and is powerful enough to deal with the heaviest of materials and the most difficult of situations. It is ideal for removing all types of debris, sludge and materials from large wet wells, mainline sewers, large diameter culverts, siphons, river and pond dredging’s and as such is perfect for utility company, local authority and industrial projects.

With a jetting capability of 318 litres (70 gallons) per minute at 2000psi, an on-board dewatering system and a 180°movement of both jetting reel and overhead suction boom arm, the Megawhale is the ideal jet-vac tanker for those difficult to reach access areas to clear any potential obstructions from all types of drainage. With the added benefit of remote control operation, BKP can ensure all works are carried out in accordance with Health & Safety guidelines.

As a waste management company, BKP endeavour to provide the complete solution for each application and this includes the disposal and treatment of any waste generated from the above works. Where possible, BKP will transport waste to their facility in Romsey, Hampshire or to an approved third party licensed facility for safe legal disposal; providing a full audit trail for your environmental policy records.

Whatever the project the Megawhale can deliver.