Septic Tank Emptying

To keep your septic tank functioning efficiently, the Environment Agency (EA) advises you must have your septic tank or treatment plant emptied at least once a year to ensure waste does not overflow and contaminate the surrounding environment.

We offer a comprehensive septic tank emptying service, offered on a one-off service or for regular scheduled maintenance.

Why choose BKP for your Septic Tank Emptying:

  • With over 50 years in the industry, our waste management professionals will ensure a compliant and efficient service.
  • We have our own in-house fleet of tankers to ensure an effective service and secure transportation of your waste.
  • Your waste is delivered to our licensed waste management facility for treatment or safe onward disposal.


BKP’s suggested best practices:

  • Use items such as toilet fresheners, mild detergents, fabric conditioners and washing powders and liquids in moderation.
  • Use bleaches and disinfectants sparingly as they contain elements that can kill the good bacteria that help your septic tank to function. Maybe try and use an environmentally friendly cleaner?
  • Do not flush substantial items down the toilet as this can cause blockages, including nappies, sanitary products and kitchen towels.
  • Do not dispose of other liquids down the sink. Oil, fat, grease and paint will all cause blockages and affect the functioning of your septic tank.

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