Trans Frontier Shipment (TFS)

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to maximise the recovery and recycling of wastes and divert waste away from landfill or Incineration without energy recovery.

Here at BKP, we have access to authorised Energy from Waste, Coprocessing or Solvent Recovery & Oil Re-refining outlets in Europe via Transfrontier Shipment (TFS). This allows for the recovery of more difficult solid wastes that would otherwise be disposed of, including flammable solids, adhesives, paints, and resins, wipes and absorbents, oil and grinding sludge, halogenated and non halogenated solvents and waste oils.

Our fully compliant and audited routes are supported by approved documentation which is transported by trans-boundary specialist.

TFS is a great alternative to waste disposal as it involves less reliance on landfill, benefitting the environment, while offering cost-effective solution to our customers.

Do you think your business could benefit from our waste to energy routes? Our team can advise whether TFS is a viable alternative for your business.

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