BKP’s state-of-the-art, Liquid Waste Treatment facility in Hampshire.

Since 1964, BKP has built a reputation as one of the leading waste disposal companies in the UK by primarily dealing with liquid, industrial and hazardous waste disposal. Because of this, we have expanded our treatment capabilities further by investing in specialist equipment at our licensed facility in Romsey, Hampshire. The system comprises of an AVC dewatering container with built-in filtration screens, a polymer dosing system along with an oil/water/sludge separator (OAVC) which is connected to an industrial water heater with a 150Kw two stage burner.

With various sludges containing a high percentage of water, the AVC dewatering system is designed to separate the solids from liquids and once treated, the cleansed waters are discharged via the trade sewer. By mixing polymer into the sludges, it creates a flocculation that increases the speed and efficiency of the dewatering process and where hydrocarbons/oils are present, the separator (OAVC) will allow oil molecules to settle out for collection and recycling. As for the dewatered sludges, the quantities are significantly reduced; minimising the volumes for further disposal. This process is ideal for waste streams such as:

  • Onshore drilling mud
  • Interceptor solids and gully waste
  • Oily water
  • High Solid Wastes
  • Leachates
  • Food wastes
  • Sewer grits and screenings
  • Pond, lagoon and river silts and solids

For more information on waste streams accepted please see our download below or give us a call on 0800 376 5004

As part of a total waste management service, BKP has a varied fleet of vehicles to suit every application which is specifically designed to carry bulk liquids, dry waste and other hazardous materials; enabling us to provide a collection, treatment and disposal service to all our clients. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and operated by our own experienced and dedicated drivers and operatives. However, our license does permit third parties to use our facilities and we welcome all enquiries and opportunities.

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