Oily Sludge Treatment

Sludges can be problematic streams to handle for some conventional treatment plants which either want liquids or solid inputs.

Here at BKP, we provide a comprehensive sludge treatment service that can manage any volume of oil-based sludge. The treatment maximises the recovery of oil and water that can be recycled, allowing us to offer a cost-effective & sustainable solution for our customers.

How does the process work?

We treat waste streams via a dewatering system or via centrifugation to remove suspended solids by flocculation. Where oil is present, the liquid can be treated further through the oAVC process with heating to separate the oil from the aqueous for onward recovery.

The waste streams that will benefit from sludge treatment, but are not limited to, include:


Are you a business who care about the environment and want to reduce the amount of waste that is directed to landfill? Contact BKP today to enquire about our innovative and cost-effective sludge treatment service today to maximise the recovery of your waste:


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